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Fun, games as northern zone riders vie for spot on state team

ABOVE: Lauren Charlton-Parker and Violet McMahon get their game on.

WHILE the big, elite events like Dressage and Jumping with the Stars and the Sydney Royal Easter Show were in full swing, the youngsters who could possibly feature in those events in the future were planning an assault on the Victorian State Mounted Games Championships.

The Kay Irving Pony Club Mounted Games have been going since 1973 and celebrated its 50th anniversary last year.

Each year, zones conduct qualifying competitions to select their representative teams at the championships.

Children on ponies learning hand/eye skills, developing balance and most of all enjoying life on horseback is what the much-loved Miss Kay envisaged this event should be all about.

It’s where real ponies show their ability. They don’t need pretty heads or an illustrious pedigree, just the willingness to play games with the young rider and be part of a real team.

Nathalia Pony Club hosted the Northern Zone Qualifiers for Games, Flat and Musical Ride.

It’s a zone that covers a huge area, from Balranald to Deniliquin and down to Tatura.

Right from the beginning the excitement was high as 33 riders were put into five teams to compete against each other over eight games.

It was a wonderful spectacle of riders’ skill in mounted games, horsemanship and also sportsmanship, with riders ranging in age for five years to 23 years.

There was a constant roar of clapping and encouragement throughout the day.

Clubs involved in the day were Nathalia Pony Club, Bunbartha Pony Club, Rochester Pony Club, Bamawm Extension Pony Club, Deniliquin Pony Club and Barham Koondrook Pony Club.

Fourteen riders from this event will be selected to representing the Northern Zone in the Victorian State Kay Irving Games on June 22.


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