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WA show horse finalists picked as club celebrates 70 years

ABOVE: Emily Anderson and Arcadia Dreamboat with judge Bernadette Warren. Picture VICKI TAPPER

GOSNELLS Riding and Pony Club in Western Australia is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year after starting out as the Gosnells Riding and Polo Club before reinventing itself as a very active group for all ages and interests.

Like most equestrian clubs, the pandemic was not kind to it.

“The show horse world has been hit hard, especially financially over the past few years,” club president Helen Harris said.

“We did lose quite a few events over the past two years, but the children of the pony club have been wonderful and we have managed to come out in a safe and comfortable position.

ABOVE: Champion small show pony Yartarla Park Kalani and Holly Mahoney, with judge Bernadette Warren. Picture: VICKI TAPPER

“Numbers at club level events have been very poor at the higher level, therefore we as a club have managed to survive with different events – jumping, showman, breed shows, fun days and of course, matchy matchy, which is going mad over here in WA.”

“Matchy matchy”, for the uninitiated, is an event where a show is held and all the riders compete in their matching colours with saddle blanket, shirts, bridles, no plaiting required and just great fun.

The hard-working group has also just held the Gosnells Masters, a Grand National qualification event for the Show Horse Council of Australasia at the State Equestrian Centre at Brigadoon.

The show was run over two days on August 27-28, with show hunters on the Saturday, show horse events on the Sunday and rider classes spread throughout. All the ribbons were marked with the 70th anniversary milestone.

“Our numbers were about the same as they were last year when we had to get permission to use Western Australian judges due to our state being in total lock down,” Helen said.

The judges for the weekend were Kerri Cock from South Australia, Bernadette Warren from Tasmania and Claire Matsen from Western Australia.

The club hopes one or two competitors who have qualified for the finals will be able to make the long trip to Sydney this year.

It’s been a long wait.


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Class 1 Leading Rein show Hunter Pony

Winner Woranora Julianna and and Audrey Hansford

Runner Up Wendamar Brooklyn and Brooklyn McCullum

Class 2 Rider 12 years and under 15 years

Winner Serena Smith

Runner Up Lily Hennessy

Class 3 First Ridden Show Hunter Pony

Winner Wendamar Brooklyn and Imogen Gibbins

Runner up Aryline Platinum Edition

Class 4 WA RIDER 17 to under 21 years

Winner Codie Lambert

Runner Up Emily Anderson

Class 5 Small show Hunter Pony

Winner - Arcadian Dreamboat and Emily Anderson

Runner Up - Jadebrook Purrfecrtion and. Serena Smith

Class 6 Large show Hunter Galloway

Winner - Karma Park Fire Fox and Courtney Vale

Runner Up - HP Allegretto and Pamela Gray

Class 7 Child’s small show Hunter pony

Winner - Arcadian Dreamboat and Kadance Langley

Runner Up - Aryline Platinum Edition and Ava Bowles

Class 8 Large Show Hunter hack

Winner - Broadwater Park Rememberance and Olivia Smith

Runner up - BML J’ADore and Tracey Strommer

Class 9 Rider 6 and under 9 years

Winner - Billie Rossi

Runner Up - Brooklyn McCallum

Class 10 WA Small Show Hunter hack

Winner - BML Sandriah and Diana Avery Jones

Runner Up - CPE Quanita and Britney Reside

Class 11 Child’s Shetland

Winner - Del Lee Edward and Madeline Cooke

Runner Up - Gracedale Bracken and Ethan Gibbins

Class 12 Rider over 30 years

Winner - Brittany Reside

Runner Up - Belinda Gray

Class 13 Large Show Hunter Galloway

Winner - Kennallywood Alabama and Lily Hennessey

Runner up - Mandaley House of Lords and Annabella Drexel

Class 14 Small Show Hunter Galloway

Winner - Gem Park Top Model and Julie Sabine

Encouragement award Gem Park Top Model

Class 15 Child’s Show Hunter hack

Winner - CPE Quanita and Lily Hennessy

Runner Up - Devotive and Hannah Duncan

Class 16 Child’s Show Hunter Large Pony

Winner - Kennallywood Alabama and Lily Hennessy

Runner Up - Mandaley House of Lords and Mercedes Mathews

Class 17 Child’s Show Hunter Galloway

Winner - Gem Park Top Model and Summer Miller

Runner up - Wesswood I Believe and Hannah Duncan

Class 18 Leading Rein show pony

Winner - Brayside Showman and Audrey Hansford

Runner up - Gracedale Bracken and Nash McCallum

Class 19 Rider 15 to under 17 years

Winner - Mercedes Mathews

Runner up - Mia Farrell

Class 20 First Ridden Show Pony

Winner - Brayside Showman and Ava Bowles

Runner Up - Priory Fenella and Leshae Itzstein

Class 21 Rider 21 years and under 30years

Winner - Hayley Bishop

Runner up - Kate Humphreys

Class 22 Small Show Pony

Winner - Yartarla Park Kalani and Holly Mahoney

Runner up - Brayside Showman and Alyce Vieira

Class 23 Large Show Galloway

Winner - Cameron King of Pop and Anna Duffy

Runner up - Kolbeach Sunrise and Luke Docker

Class 24 Child’s Small Show Pony

Winner - Yartarla Park Kalani and Summer Miller

Runner up - Brayside Showman and Kadance Langley

Class 25 Large Show Hack

Winner - Mystic Park Manhattan and Sophie Veccia

Runner up - Chimes and Chris Lambert

2nd runner up - OEH Showtime and Belinda Gray

Class 26 Rider 9 to under 12 years

Winner - Leshae Itzstein

Runner up - Ava Bowles

Class 27 Small Show Horse

Winner - BL Bellissima and Codie Lambert

Runner up - Double TT De-vita and Josephine Indrizzi

Class 28 Large show pony

Winner - Yartarla Park Courture and Holly Mahoney

Runner up - Bayview Ivy League and Shannara Grantham

Class 29 Small show Galloway

Winner - Glamour Queen of Sefton and Anna Duffy

Runner Up - Silk wood Elite and Annabella Drexel

Class 30 Child’s Show Horse

Winner BL Bellissima and Serena Smith

Runner up Lyndam Park Charleston and Mia Farrell

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