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Victorian showjumpers score breakthrough win in Trans-Tasman

ABOVE: Good sportsmanship was on display. Picture: SHARLENE PHILLIPS/ONE-EYED FROG

YOUNG showjumping riders in Victoria are certainly blessed with great opportunities.

Two big events at Boneo Park wound up a long and happy season for them.

The Trans-Tasman Victoria vs South Island, run by the Equestrian Victoria Youth Jumping Squad, was run for the 17th time with Victoria breaking South Island's six-year winning streak.

The format of the event requires the host state to provide eight pool horses that are experienced at 1.10 to 1.20m competition.

The horses are divided into two pools of four horses and each rider is given 30 minutes on the first day to ride their allocated pool horse on the flat before the event gets underway.

The competition is run over two rounds each day and the team with the lowest number of penalties across the two rounds are announced the winner of the round.

The Victoria team comprised Kendall Richards, Hayden Parker, Tori Glass and Lyla Ferrari, with the reserve Mikayla Hogg.

Unfortunately, Kendall had to withdraw and Mikayla rode in the team.

The South Island team  featured Johanna Wylaars, Samantha Gillies, Molly Moffatt, Anna Nalder, with the reserve Emma Gillies.

In the first competition on the Saturday, South Island scored 12 penalties and Victoria 24 penalties, so South Island won that round.

The tables turned in the second competition on Sunday, with 16 penalties to Victoria and 40 to South Island.

Combined penalties across the two days saw the Victorians the winners.


The 2024 Trans-Tasman Victoria vs South Island will be held in New Zealand.

The Equestrian Victoria Youth Jumping Squad was established more than 20 years ago by the jumping coach Jenny Sheppard and has over time produced some elite international riders.

Each year the best young showjumpers in the state are given the opportunity to attend training sessions with top coaches, with more than 100 riders aged 21 and under applying to be members of the squad over the past 12 months.

At the end of each year squad riders are invited to compete at an end-of-year show and this year it was at Boneo Park.

Youth Jumping Squad Show winners:

120 – 1.25m:  Lucy Borrack and Oscar Boscaiola.

110-115m:  Tanner Robinson and Vidacious.

1.00 – 1.04m: Harley McNaughton and Viewmont Apricot

90-95cm: Rhoebe Rathjen and King Jester

70-75cm: Olivia Brent and Little Duco Pop.

Trans-Tasman results



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All images ONE-EYED FROG


1. Anna Nalder and Viewmont Apricot

2. Lyla Ferrari Glenbrroke and Archie Bunker

3. Frida Lindgren and Van Damme

4. Bailey Howie-Highland and Calypso

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