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Thoroughbreds still dominating the placings at pony club event

ABOVE: Grade one winner Jasmyn Beesley of Mandurang South Pony Club on Ella Azure. Picture: DEREK O'LEARY

THE Pony Club of Victoria’s Horse Trials have been running since 1955 and were then known as “interzone” competitions. What this year’s competitions, held in a magnificent mountain setting at Mansfield, proved was that the Thoroughbred horse is still the main mount for young riders. Four sections from the eight offered were won by horses that had started their life with a very different plan, but now are much-loved and trusted mounts winning and placing in a sport they have starred in on the world stage as Olympic mounts, as well as on the racetrack.

Seville Pony Club’s Maddy Kitto on My Friend Jack (off the track/OTT) took out the PCV 110m, class and Jasmyn Beesley’s Ella Azure (OTT) won the grade one for Mandurang South Pony Club.

Jasmyn also competed in grade two, breaking the trend winning with the Warmblood Jazdan Spellbound.

The Thoroughbreds were back at the top in grade three, which was divided with Abigail Zammit riding Fleur du Soleil (OTT) for the Yarra Glen and District Pony Club, winning one section and Madeleine Rodwell from Sale winning the other on It’s a Battle (OTT). The New Forest pony Jarosite Just Fine was piloted by Emily Curran of the NEZ Daredevils to win division one of grade four and Kloe Soper riding Bonfire Belle for CZ Half n half won division two, with Tara Craddock from the NEZ Rockets on Expresso close behind.

Another New Forest took the honours in division one of grade five, with Kapeta Fantasy winning for Chloe Wolsley of SMZ/WGZ.

The Central Stars clubs’ Brodie Haliday-Tough and BLT Banjo won the other division.

A new club teams shield was awarded in honour of John Barlee, who passed away earlier this year. He was an outstanding volunteer and supporter of pony club. The John Barlee Perpetual Shield celebrates his long commitment to helping clubs and riders for more than 60 years.

John had a vast input into the lives of so many young riders by ensuring they were well instructed, operating within well-defined rules and riding on safely designed courses. His dedication encouraged all levels of ability to compete with confidence and enthusiasm, and to seek to improve.

Throughout his years of services, he became a life member of Berwick Pony Club, Mornington Peninsula Pony Club, Southern Metropolitan Zone and Pony Club Victoria. More recently John achieved Pony Club Australia Living Legends status for his contributions to Pony Club.

The shield is for club teams that consist of three or four combinations (comprised of one grade PCV110 or 1, 2 and 3 plus one other from these grades) with the best three placing point scores to count for the team.

The winning team was the MZ South Superstars with 91 points, second was MZ Mighty Midland with 87 and third was the NEZ OTTs. Click here for full results.

ABOVE: Winners of the John Barlee Perpetual Shield John Barlee Perpetual Shield Jasmyn Beesley (two mounts), Prudence Robinson and Teaghan Stebbins of Mandurang Pony Club.


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