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Tasmanian eventing club gets full stars for effort

ABOVE: Chloe Daun and Archie tackle the two-star course. Picture: CAITLIN HOW

A TWO-STAR eventing class has been run for the first time in Tasmania since 2015.

It came about as a result of a successful campaign by some promising young event riders on the Victorian circuit in May/June last year, when several riders qualified at two-star level.

As they were keen to continue competing in two-star events in preparation for a similar campaign in Victoria starting next month, the Northern Tasmanian Eventing Championship group stepped up to build them a top-notch course at Quercus Park, Carrick.

It was a massive undertaking by the recently upgraded two-star course designer Jamie Buckby to modify many of the older non-compliant fences to meet current standards, as well as build a number of new fences for this level.

Jamie also designed the one-star track while level one course designer Sue Walton did the 95 and 80cm courses.

A new course designer, Cristy Hall, under supervision from the two senior designers, built the 65 and 50cm courses.

ABOVE: Georgia Elias and Silverwoods Aussie Pride. Picture: CAITLIN HOW

The championships ran smoothly with five riders taking on the two-star class. Kenny Walch on Eliva Corduroy was the winner, moving up from second with clean jumping rounds. Second was Chloe Daun on PEC Barindale Grandeur (Archie) from Georgia Elias and Silverwoods Aussie Pride third, Bronte Mcshane and Eagle Elms Buddha fourth and Jessica Cowan and Beautiful Trauma fifth.

Lucinda Alexander’s Lethal Charm was a clear winner in the one star and Georgia Elias’s Del Rio Chariot Bells took out the 95cm. George Furzer’s Qwilliam won the interschool 95cm class.

Madalan Morgan's Phar Word led from the start in a big field in the open 80cm and Olivia Creese‘s Ballahowe Funhouse won the Interschools 80cm.

This event also featured a memorabilia display by Sandra Atkins, Judy Kilby and Lisa Buckby to celebrate the Norther Tasmania Eventing Club’s 60th anniversary.

The club is now preparing for the State Eventing Championships being held at the Tasmanian Equestrian Centre, Lauderdale, this weekend, with a two-star class again on the schedule.

This event will conclude the eventing season in Tasmania for 2022/23.

ABOVE: Sarah O’Grady and Temrah Thunderstruck. Picture: CAITLIN HOW
ABOVE: Sienna Burling and Terrific D’Amour. Picture: CAITLIN HOW

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