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Sometimes great horses appear just when they're most needed

ABOVE: Champion show hunter hack was Rebecca Groen’s mare Jazdan Park Perfection. Picture: ANGIE RICKARD

THE champion show hunter hack from the Little River show on the weekend is a wonderful example of how animals have the knack of turning up in people’s lives just when they are needed most.

Rebecca ( Bec) Groen’s magnificent black mare Jazdan Park Perfection, stable name Posh, did just that.

A Warmblood mare by Dark President and out of Hollands Bend Royal Colours, she is a lovely soft mover with quality and a great attitude.

Bec, who has had health problems, says the mare has become special to her.

“I purchased her off Dree Merry who had her full brother as a stallion at her stud,” she said.

“She was an unbroken three-year-old and I got her the week I was diagnosed, so she kind of saved me.

“I had her broken in by my friend while I was getting chemo and radiation, it sort of helped me through as he sent me updates and photos.

“While I was recovering Tamara and Ebby Lee took her for a few weeks so when I was strong enough, I could start riding her. She was the first horse I rode after treatment and I’ve done everything with her since.”

While the Little River Band might be more famous, the Little River horse show is also well known as the first event of the Victorian season.

The two are actually linked though – apparently the band was trying to think up a name for itself and passing the sign on the Geelong Freeway that pointed to Little River, decided that would do.

The show has always been popular because of its timing. Well run and with Melbourne Royal just a month away, “showies” are keen to give the experienced horses an outing and to give the newcomers their first look at a small show.

It ran as a three-ring event, with Bec and Jazdan Park Perfection the stars in ring three.

Rebecca Gerber scored two sashes in the first ring, winning with Falconhurst Showpiece as champion small pony and Loriet Breaking Dawn as champion large show hunter pony.

Erin Bowers’ Argyl Star Quality was champion large show pony, and Maddison Bower’s DP Popeye took the sash for small show hunter pony.

In ring two, Taylor Shute’s Kolbeach Holly’s Cover was champion show Galloway and Kaylene Mc Carthy’s Royal King of Sefton champion show hunter Galloway.

Briony Randle’s Lynden Park Touch the Clouds was champion hack.

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