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Photographer shares her passion for Brumbies

ABOVE: Brumby in the wild. Picture: FELICITY CLAY

EQUESTRIAN photographer Felicity Clay is passionate about saving the Australian Brumby and fans of her work can contribute to the cause through the purchase of her annual Brumby calendar.

“I've been photographing the Brumbies in the Barmah National Park since 2018,” Felicity said.

“I think the thing that draws me to the Brumbies the most is that they display a willingness to coexist with humans, that these beautiful wild animals are just as curious about humans as we are about them.

“I've had some amazing close encounters out in the bush with Brumbies that are unforgettable and never once have they exhibited any aggressive behaviour towards people.”

Felicity has created calendars from her brumby photographs, with the money from them going to support rescue efforts.

“The money I raise from the calendars goes to many different places for many different things,” she said.

“Help for foals, hay for those that have been trapped, fencing for re-homers, lawyer costs for those that have fought for legal change. Barmah Brumby Hay Angels have also distributed funds on my behalf.”

Barmah Brumby 2023 Calendars make great presents for family and friends while supporting the Brumby cause.

Calendars are $28 each including postage and a donation from each sale will go to helping our Australian Brumbies.

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