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Open win for 18yo a highlight of her campdrafting career

ABOVE: Amy Belcec is all smiles after taking out the open event on Dee So Smart.

CAMPDRAFTING as a sport evolved naturally from young station hands competing around cattle yards and drovers' camps in NSW and Queensland in the 1880s.

It’s generally been a sport dominated by men, but at Lockington in Northern Victoria earlier this month, the women took their fair share of the prizes.

Held over two days, the event featured seven classes ranging from encouragement to open.

Amy Belcec, an 18-year-old university student, had the win of her life when she took the open class blue ribbon from a strong field riding Dee So Smart.

Amy has been campdrafting since she was eight years old.

“My whole family do it and there’s nothing more I love than heading away for the weekend to compete with family and friends,” she said.

“(Winning at) Lockington was big for me as I’d never won such a big event and now my horse is open.

“I am so grateful to have a cool little mare that I can compete on, I’m so lucky to have two amazing horses I ride thanks to mum and dad.”

Fiona Gordon won two sections of the maiden draft, with Cass and Hearty. Amy’s sister, Lexie Belcec, was second to Hearty on Say No Moore.

ABOVE: Chloe Bedggood and Miss Jewel Jazz. Picture: TONI McCLUSKY

Chloe Bedggood riding Miss Jewel Jazz won the junior class and was equal second riding Spin N With Pepto and Ayla Sim and Lady Stylish.

Anja Dodd, 16, riding Mobile Kosiosko won the juvenile draft and shared equal second with Walter Jackson.

Jason Parker riding Wood Be Stylish won the novice section and Zac Jackson riding Destined for Moore won the Sunday open class.


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Maiden A judged by Zac Jackson

1st: Fiona Gordon riding Cass

2nd Ewen McLean riding Red Hector

Equal 3rd: Mathew Browne riding Montarna lets Deal and Gina Lincoln riding Boon Town

5th: Henry Jackson riding Rio's Request

6th: Gerard Wilson riding Gettin Lucky

Maiden B judged by Luke Jackson

1st: Fiona Gordon riding Hearty

2nd: Lexie Belcec riding Say No Moore

3rd: Steve Brown riding Snake Oil

4th: Lauren Jackson riding Millungeras Synthia

5th: Ewen McLean riding Westons Debit

6th: Walter Jackson riding Tommy Turbo

Junior judged by Lachie Sim

1st: Chloe Bedggood riding Miss Jewel Jazz

Equal 2nd: Chloe Bedggood riding Spin N With Pepto and Ayla Sim and Lady Stylish

Equal 4th-8th: Nate Browne, Darcy Cummins, Paige Kennedy, Paige Kennedy and Ayla Sim.

Juvenile judged by Lachie Sim

1st: Anja Dodd riding Mobile Kosiosko

Equal 2nd: Anja Dodd and Walter Jackson

4th: Emily Taylor

5th: Charlotte Taylor

6th: Ben Taylor

Open judged by Lauren Jackson

1st: Amy Belcec riding Dee So Smart

2nd: Andrew Clarke riding Lenny

3rd: Paige Nancarrow riding Oaks Connection

4th: Paige Nancarrow riding Constantly Stylish

5th: Peter Griffiths

6th: Callum Moore


Encouragement judged by Lachie Sim

1st: Hope Lindhe & Express Jess

2nd: Jemma Dowling and Cowboy

3rd: Jamilla Campbell riding Tommy Tucker

4th Tammy Alldridge riding Hannaford Crown Prince

Equal 5th: John Key & Marran Thomson

Novice judged by Adam Parker

1st : Jason Parker riding Wood Be Stylish

2nd: Fiona Gordon riding Cass

3rd: Bronwyn Upjohn riding Telly

Equal 4th: Lauren Jackson, Jason Parker and Jason Pickering.

Open 4 Open judged by Trish Baxter

1st : Zac Jackson riding Destined for Moore

equal 2nd: Mat Holz riding Nonda Last Frontier and Paige Nancarrow riding One Stylish Oak.

4th: Scott Chalker and Ellie-May

5th: Jason Parker and Hashtag 'Jewelin Jay'

6th: Claire Dickenson & Robdog

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