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Jeffree's four-star win boosts Paris Olympics campaign

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

ABOVE: Sam Jeffree and Koyuna Tactition. Picture: DEREK O’LEARY

YOU hear about “pop-up” restaurants, shops and dances but the Eventing Victoria’s Committee’s pop-up horse trials in February was put on to assist riders get the necessary qualifiers for the upcoming season.

The most important event was the four-star long format where six combinations achieved the necessary qualification to compete at the important five-star event to be held in April at Adelaide.

The Adelaide event is vital to the chances of Australian-based riders with the Paris Olympic Equestrian events to take place between July 27 and August 6, 2024.

Sam Jeffree riding Koyuna Tactition* won the class.

The pair finished 10 penalties ahead of Tara Rogers and Dennison Park Smooth, with Murray Lamperd and Secret Mojo, Hamish Cargill and French Evening, Kirilee Hosier and AEA Flynn and Megan Jones and Toulando filling the placings.

ABOVE: Megan Jones riding Toulando. Picture: DEREK O'LEARY

Sophia Hill was on the winner’s podium in the four-star short event with her off-the-track Thoroughbred Humble Glory with a clear win ahead of Will Enzinger on Cairo Xtreme and David Middleton on WEC In The Money.

Sophia had a good weekend as she also took the first two places in the two-star long format riding Tulara Baltango and Seattle Park.

Jade Findlay made her trip from NSW worthwhile, winning the three- star short format riding Wasabi 1 and Samantha Cesnik won the three-star long format with Graftango, rising from third after dressage.

The one-star long format was divided into two sections with Edward Darby’s promising Somerset Day winning the senior section and Hannah Deegan riding her off-the-track Thoroughbred HK Hawthorn to a win in the young rider section, finishing just one point ahead of Amy Gotts-Wheeler on Sharvalley Furst and Alice Darby’s Moon Day.

*Author’s note: This horse is of special interest to me as he was born on my property and stayed with us until he was weaned.

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