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Girls from Ironbark ride off with top teams trophy

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

ABOVE: Tara Kearney and Harvey Star. Picture: ROSS MACDONALD of PART-TIME SNAPS

THE girls from Ironbark took the championship trophy home from the HRCAV showjumping top teams event held at Mansfield last weekend.

Their team, named the Prosecco Ponies, consisted of Danielle Rollings riding Jonte, Jessica Garland on Just Jaxy Boy, Stacey De Blaquiere on Latigo and Sarah Lymbery on NEP Royal Hemlock.

They finished just 1.2 points ahead of the Bulla and Hinnomunjie team of Jolene Bulled (Kiama Park Galaxy), Jaimee Solly (Last Chance), Katie Zander (Spider) and Yvette Waller (Squirrel).

ABOVE: Congratulations to the Prosecco Ponies from Ironbark Equestrian Club.

Set in beautiful surroundings with a backdrop of mountains, this competition was, like all top teams events, full of laughter and team support.

While the more experienced riders were usually in just one section, the less experienced (or less bold) riders were so numerous that their divisions were divided into multiple sections.

The advanced rider was combined with the level one for prizes, though they jumped their right height.

Jessica Garland and Just Jaxy Boy (Ironbark Equestrian Club) took out the level one championship, with Tania Harding and Jirrima Fox Z from Gerogery Equestrian Club just one point behind.

Tara Macdonald’s Clydesdale cross Harvey Star from Lancemore Equestrian Club was not only Level to champion but also the best performed Clydesdale Cross Sport Horse Association horse for the day.

ABOVE: Michael Pritchard riding Quail Hollow. Picture: PART-TIME SNAPS

Georgie Acocks riding Kenda Park Paladian was a clear winner for Echuca and District in level three.

Level four was divided and in part A the champion was Stephanie Sutherland riding Khandoo Mocca for Narrandera Adult Riding Club and in part B, Danielle Rollings riding Jonte added to Ironbark Equestrian Club’s championship score.

Level five is always the happiest, with every rider in the section gaining at least some points for their team.

Kaitlyn Wilson’s Gotcha Puzzled scored the championship points for Rosedale and District Riding Club.

ABOVE: Durani Hart riding Vanaheim Ice and Fire. Picture: PART-TIME SNAPS
ABOVE: Sharon Smith riding Wedgetail Asher. Picture: PART-TIME SNAPS
ABOVE: Mikayla Perceval riding Southside of Heaven. Picture: PART-TIME SNAPS

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