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Feast for the eyes as the Arabians take centre stage

Updated: Apr 11

ABOVE: Anita Garth and Tia GA take the top prize in the purebred junior filly section. Picture: DEREK O’LEARY

THE Arabian National Championships at Werribee Park in March was a delight to anyone who loves beautiful horses.

There are few more stunning creatures than the pure-bred horse of the desert, but it is their influence on so many other breeds that also has to be taken into consideration.

That they are the basis for the Thoroughbred racehorse is accepted and historians also believe that Arabian horses present in Britain until the Roman withdrawal in 410 AD had an influence on the early development of the Welsh Pony.

The Arabians are versatile and tough horses and can perform well in so many sports.

Some of the most prominent warmbloods in dressage carry an Arabian influence and the current Barastoc champion show hack, Warrawee Impressareo, is by a warmblood stallion from an Anglo Arabian mare.

ABOVE: The champion purebred junior colt Denis Hewat’s BP El Seghir. Picture: DEREK O’LEARY
ABOVE: Alisha Karakaltsas' Thorwood Cotton Candy with Jessica Dertell. Picture: DEREK O’LEARY
ABOVE: Champion youth western please Thomas Kelly and Dream Fever. Picture: DEREK O’LEARY

Apart from the pure-bred and part-bred classes at the Arabian National Championships there were others for Arabian warmbloods, “Quarabs” (Quarterhorse crosses), Arabian Riding Ponies, Arabian Ponies, Arabian stockhorses, Ango Arabians and for endurance horses, a section where they have no equal.

As well as being presented in hand, the horses showed they weren’t just pretty faces, showing off in saddle classes, including dressage and western pleasure.

To the society’s great credit, they held a wide range of youth classes for young people again in hand and ridden and also for non-professional and home-produced. (A lot of other groups could take note.)

If you missed the show this year, mark it on the calendar for next year – you will see some truly beautiful horses.

ABOVE: Juliette Al Sahrae owned by Helen and Andrew Hardwick. Picture: DEREK O’LEARY
ABOVE: Sabble Ltd’s Jasper FF was champion senior pure-bred gelding four and over. Picture: DEREK O’LEARY
ABOVE: Cody Dertell was a feature of the parade. Picture: DEREK O'LEARY

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