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Divisions full to the brim at spring horse trials

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

ABOVE: Grace Contessi and GI Warzone. Picture: LISA GREEN of MANE MEMORIES

ALL eventing roads are leading to Werribee Park at the moment.

Firstly there was the Friends of Werribee’s massive event, followed last weekend by the Equestrian Victoria competition, then the Werribee Pony Club event will follow and finally the National Interschools competition in October.

Thanks to the solid ground preparation, the 400 or so competitors at the Equestrian Victoria event had great going in lovely weather.

David Middleton on WEC in The Breeze took out the four-star, ahead of a very busy Same Jeffree who placed second and third with Koyuna Tactician and Wimborne Conjuror.

ABOVE: David Middleton and WEC In The Breeze. Picture: DEREK O’LEARY

Luke Jones’ Thoroughbred Spirit won the three-star and Natalie Davies led from start to finish in the two-star riding Camilla Elmare.

The lower-level fields were at capacity, with three divisions of the one-star section. These were won by Durani Hart’s Vanaheim Ice and Fire, Sophie Fox’s Kenlock Sky High and the Thoroughbred class went to Rebekah Italiano’s Wolverine X.

The Thoroughbred industry has been really supportive in ensuring the off-the-track horses have the opportunity to be seen out competing and every section from one star down had its own section.

The 95cm section was huge with four divisions. Julie Bramucci’s Rafiki Epic Deal won the Thoroughbred section and the others went to Madilyn Schellekens’ Kasperrado Dancier, Madison Jackson’s Ardington Arizona and Sarah Jelbart’s Flowervale Majorca.

The EA80cm was the same, with so many riders giving their young horses educational rounds over quality courses it had to be split into five divisions.

The open winners were Samuel Jeffree on Bohemian Cavalcade, Amy Gotts on Wheeler’s Sharvalley Wild Thing and Sophie Fox riding Van Eyk Somerset. The two Thoroughbred sections went to Courtney Thompson on River Tavi and Maddy Kitto on Rafiki Miracle.

Grace Contessi riding GI Warzone started by winning the dressage phase and backed it up with good jumping to win the first division of the 65cm section. Amber Balazs-Ashman and LH Vanilla rose from second after dressage to win her section and the Thoroughbred section winner was Noah Goodwin’s Good deed.

ABOVE: Samantha Cesnik and Graftngo. Picture: MANE MEMORIES
ABOVE: Mystery rider doing a lovely job. Picture: MANE MEMORIES
ABOVE: Rebecca Barling and Willtony Grand Illusion. Picture: DEREK O’LEARY
ABOVE: Sarah Jelbart and Preseli. Picture: MANE MEMORIES

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