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Canberra welcomes show horse competitors for championships

ABOVE: Champion rider six-to-nine years Alannah Lee Hay and reserve Georgina Sharp with judge Leanne Corney. Picture: LORELLE MERCER

THE most any organiser can hope for is that exhibitors go home happy and say they had a great time, and the people that ran the ACT and Southern NSW Show Horse Championships at Canberra last weekend can do that.

A comprehensive program with something for everyone, good judges, good weather, 240 horses entered and 85 rider class entries set the tone for a quality event.

“It was fabulous and well supported,” event committee member Tanya Benton-Hay said.

“The Friday night welcome barbecue was hugely supported with competitors from all around NSW and Victoria. It was a great social and fun event that was commented on by many as such a lovely evening.”

The Canberra weather was typical of early spring. Friday out in the arena was wet but manageable and there was some drizzle on Saturday, but Sunday the sunshine came out and it was a beautiful day.

ABOVE: Champion large galloway was Emma Bastian's The Duke of Bannerman. Picture: LORELLE MERCER

The newcomer and preliminary horses and ponies were out in force. The pandemic has meant that a lot of really nice horses have had their debut delayed so there is quality at the top of the line in these classes and they will have their name in lights in the next couple of years.

Molly Johnson’s Dreamtime Xzactly had a busy show, with the part-Arabian being another by Julie Conti’s sadly deceased Dreamtime Xzibit turning out to be a really promising horse. He won the championships for preliminary and newcomer show hunter and was top 10 open show hunter 15 to 16 hands.

In the open ring, the Romsey Park Stables made the trip up from Victoria worthwhile winning champion large hack with Christine Frost’s Ink and took reserve in the small hack section with Nobu to Trinette Crawford’s Seventy Seven. The open pony classes were also really strongo and any ribbon was well earned. The pony winners, Nottingham Royal Highness shown by the Trinette Twins and Stacey McMaster’s Private Collection are lovely ponies, and the galloway winners, Wynara Illusion and Emma Bastions’ The Duke of Bannerman were the same.

Owner-rider classes are a popular addition to show programs. They are designed for the person who works nine-to-five and probably has just the one horse to train and love, making for a level playing field.

Champions here included Yartarla Park Mistletoe and Evangeline Parsons, Wynara Illusion and Mia Henrich, Hillcroft Aristocrat and Taylah Hutchinson, Bolygamy Maximus and Samantha Rutledge, Rivendell Jamuka and Taryn Walsh and Cheraton Caesar ridden by Aisha Heinrich.

The Welsh bloodlines contribute a lot to the lovely types found in the show hunter pony classes and Osiris My Golly Gosh, piloted by Jessica Callus, and Holly McLeod’s Allira Park Paspaley are the type to make any judge happy with lovely heads, sturdy frames and great action.

The hunter galloway wins went to Becky Roberson’s Rosedale Rembrandt and Kelly Ralph’s KL Embers. The show hunter hack winners were Freemantle and Grace Tyson and Entelly My Signature Move shown by Georgie Batten.


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1. Tiny tot winner Kendall Hay and Picturesque Prince.

2. Small show hunter champion pony is Osiris My Golly Gosh and Jessica Callus.

3. Leading Rein Show Hunter Pony Imperial Saxon and Evie Scruton.

4. Small galloway champion Wynara Illusion and Mia Heinrich.

5. The small show hunter galloway Rosedale Rembrandt and Becky Roberson.

6. Champion small pony Private Collection and Stacey McMaster.

7. Judges Penny Greenhill, Leanne Corney, Peter Hudson and Danielle Beattie.

8. Large show hunter pony Allira Park Paspaley and Holly Mc Leod.

9. Reserve champion rider 17 to 21 Samantha Rutledge and champion Grace Tyson with judge Penny Greenhill.

10. Large Pony champion Nolttingham Royal Highness and Trinette Crawford.

11. Champions rider 30 years and over Elle Mangan.

12. Lead rein pony under 12hh with rider three to eight champion was Maisy Saunders and Barindale Aria.

13. Champion small show hunter hack Freemantle and Grace Tyson.

14. Champion rider nine and under 12 Addisyn Ream and Regan Park Classic Edition.

15. Champion preliminary pony Royalwood Stage Princess and Joanne Prestwidge.

16. Champion large show hunter Entally My Signature Move and Georgie Batten.

17. Champion large hack Ink and Greg Mickan.

18. Champion large show hunter galloway KL Embers and Kelly Ralph.

19. Champion rider 15 and under 17 Sienna Robinson and Dreamtime Xzactly.

20. Champion small hack Seventy Seven and Trina Crawford.

21. Champion rider 21 and under 30 Montana Breust and Anaki Park Fernando.

22. Champion rider 12 and under 15 Mia Heinrich and Wynara Illusion.

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