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Adelaide a joy for those who love a traditional royal show

ABOVE: Maia Warren on the way to a win in the lead rein hunter class. Picture: ANGIE RICKARD

ADELAIDE still holds on to many of the agricultural features that many royal shows have lost and they are much appreciated by the lovers of tradition.

The horse program began with the pony classes, with the tiny tots in the leading rein section bopping happily around in the sunshine.

Naomi Karutz aboard Dunelm Kiss N Tel was the show pony winner, D. and K. O'Shannassy’s Royalview Silhouette took the Shetland Pony leading rein and was reserve ridden to the Lee Family’s Edgewood Jukebox.

In the novice pony classes, Emma Richardson’s Tuscany Petite Serenade from the 12.2 to 13hh class stood champion from a nice lineup.

Emma took home her second sash for the show with Hibrie Coco Ribbon winning the open 12.2hh and under championship with the Riemer family’s home-bred Riegal Sugar Plum reserve.

ABOVE: Catherine Gale’s Royalwood Enchanting. Picture: ANGIE RICKARD

Catherine Gale’s Royalwood Enchanting won the over 12.2 to 14hh championship with Emma Richardson again in the lineup with the reserve, Tuscany Petite Serenade.

Show hunter classes remain strong, with the Welsh influence showing in the placings. The sturdy ponies with the pretty heads are the perfect mount for these classes.

The leading rein show hunter class went to Panty-ffynon Neigh-oh-mei shown by MaIa Warren and the champion novice was Maison Hunt’s Owendale Butter Schnapps.

The Owendale Stud featured in the open small show hunter championship too, with Samantha and Sienna Mullan-Wright’s Owendale Beesting taking the sash, while reserve went to an all-time show ring favorite in Andrea Merry’s Splash Dance, who has given so many small people joy to ride.

Claire Schaefer’s Rosegate Serenade was champion big pony show hunter with the reserve going to Ali Berwick and Janine Orpwood’s Monte Cristo V.

ABOVE: Gemma Creighton in action. Picture: TY MANNING

In the early showjumping, Gemma Creighton had two wins in section one Group A on the Linda Huddy-owned Dada Des Brimbelles Z and Alan 111 Z. Phillip Lever won with Lomachenko.

Both riders also had wins in section two, Creighton with Diangella and Lever with Bonita.

In the junior classes, Elissa Stephens’ Vertigo and Sienna Holdsworth-Rose’ Coolart Farm Short Torque were winners and in Group A section three, James Harvey’s GC Courante and Tilly Fair’s Bella Bonita won classes.

Tilly also took out the young rider class with Oaks Constantino.

ABOVE: Phillip Lever is having a successful show. Picture: TY MANNING

In the harness section, champion show rider and coach Darryl Hayes was happy to go back to a favorite pursuit showing a harness pony. His piloting of Lisa Virgona’s Kilpara Park On Point was just that, winning supreme champion harness Shetland Pony.

Lisa and Darryl went champion and reserve in the Shetland viceroy turnout with Kilpara Park Mietta and Kilpara Park On Point

The period turnout for ponies is always special to watch and was won by Naringalook Gandalf driven by Rodney Lane.

Scott and Maryanne Finemore’s Churchill was the champion driven single horse business turnout.

ABOVE: Lisa Virgona and Darryl Hayes in the Shetland viceroy turnout. Picture: ANGIE RICKARD

Clydesdales were the first of the breed classes to go on parade before the judges.

Benjamin and Holly Taylor’s Malicloy Park Ariel was judged champion Clydesdale mare, and Michelle Fricker’s Bellellen Rise Rain Maker was champion stallion and supreme exhibit.

Peter Strafford’s Samarah Park Thomas was champion Clydesdale gelding and won the driven-in-hand class, while Ian, Lynette and Lisa Fritsch’s Lowan Vale Lady Anne won the ridden class.

ABOVE: Logan Vale Lady Anne thunders around the arena. Picture: ANGIE RICKARD

In the riding section, Madeleine Gaden was champion junior rider with Sabrina Gilmour reserve. The intermediate champions was Elsie Cooper and Dallas Dree Merry reserve.

Smartest on Parade first place sashes went to Ruby-Rose Eurell and Dalangle Piccadilly, Margot Haynes and Royalwood Westend, Lillie Foord and DP Gigi and Abbey Lovell and Heathmont Flirt.


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1. The placegetters from part one Saturday showjumping

2. Sally Morphy’s Flowerdale Basil

3. Gemma Creighton

4. The Riemer family’s Riegal Sugar Plum

5. Susan Carter's novice Shetland winner Tarara Sil's Sapphire

6. Kate Rowe and Tulara Connekta

Part two of Adelaide Royal Show coverage next week.

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