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Stage set for Trans-Tasman challenge at Benalla

ABOVE: Western horsemanship will be one of the disciplines on show at the Trans-Tasman challenge.

THE Australian Quarter Horse Association has always been well known for fostering the youth riders and offers classes and events to gain experience and gather socially for beginners through to experienced teens.

The Trans-Tasman Challenge is an exciting biannual event that brings together Australian, New Zealand and New Caledonian Quarter Horse associations and members.

It builds on skill sharing, camaraderie and friendships amongst the youth members.

This year’s Trans-Tasman Challenge is being held at the Benalla Sports and Equestrian Centre in Victoria from Monday, October 17 to Saturday, October 22.

Amateur and youth participants who demonstrate superior horsemanship, leadership, showmanship and goodwill are selected to represent Australia.

Amateurs are given exemption to exhibit horses other than their own in this event only.

Clinics and competitions are staged over three to six days, starting with clinics conducted by members of the Professional Horseman Association and concluding with a competition.

Team members compete in a range of challenge events, which include showmanship, western horsemanship, trail, western pleasure, ranch riding, hunter under saddle and hunt seat equitation events.

Horses are provided by the host country and each team will be assigned a group of horses that are decided by ballot.

The Australian team consists of the following AQHA members:

Amateur team: Annie Boyd, Rachel Turner, Carol Ahern, Maddie Kay, Kristy Andrews and reserve, Lisa Fleming. Manager Trish Wettenhall; Coach Kyle Mobberley.

The youth team: Charley Lalor, Alyssa Dinnage, Lacey Lalor, Charlotte Mansley, Tayla Rabig and reserve, Faith Green. Manager Liz Keating; coach Kane Skopp.

New Zealand

Amateur team: Larissa Thyne, Serafina McCarthy, Casey Brodie, Jules Maclennan, Jessica Hale and reserve, Angela Croft. Manager Lisa Banks; coach Kimberley Foster.

Youth team: Reece Mahuika, Brooke Fenwick, Sharee Bon, Lani Eccles and Alyssa McDowell. Manager Ingrid Ormandy; coach Kelsey Hare.

New Caledonia

Amateur team: Sabrina Galeazzi, Brigitte Courtot and Ambre Willmot. Manager Jean Pascal Pages; coach Laurence Lebgin.

Youth team: Elsa Thoma Chabaud, Vaia Pisciotti, Sara Garrier, Kewell Kauma and Louis Montagnat.

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