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Rockstar crowd turns up for Future Farms open day

ABOVE: Kody Dertell presenting one of the stud’s Arabians.

WHEN a stud’s open day attracts a crowd big enough to rival a rock concert, you know it’s going to be great.

The attention to detail at Future Farms’ open day and sale on Saturday was perfect, as you would expect from internationally successful trainers Kate and Doyle Dertell and their children Kody and Jessica.

They have made their name in halter and performance events, in the show ring, endurance world and dressage arenas.

There were so many cars that parking attendants were needed. Visitors enjoyed food and trade stands, music and, of course, the most beautiful horses.

In terms of presentation, every “T” was crossed and “I” dotted, making it a special outing for horse lovers.

When once at the great breed days of Royal Melbourne Show, lovers of the Arabian horse got to see the likes of the great Greylight and Sindh up close in the ring, there are few opportunities these days to see these beautiful poets of horses on display.

To see them parade loose in the Future Farms arena was special.

Kody showed just how talented a horseman he is and how much the horses trust him, when at the end of each horse’s display, they came to him at call.

His performance riding the five-year-old stallion Cartier FF with no bridle and carrying the Australian flag made hearts sing.

ABOVE: Kody Dertell and Cartier FF wow the crowd.


Special guest on the day was dressage rider Mary Hanna, who shared with the audience the importance of partnership with a horse. There was emphasis on the give and take necessary to shape the horse’s talent and the audience was fully involved.

Jessica’s display on Kilimanjaro was another highlight for the dressage fans in the audience.

In the display of young horses for sale, there were potential dressage horses as well as Arabians shown under saddle.

ABOVE: Jessica Dertell riding her dressage mount, Kilimanjaro.

All in all it was a special day for horse lovers with an appreciative and capacity crowd.

“We were thrilled with the turn up of so many people,” Kate said.

“The support was tremendous. We are so proud of the horses we presented and look forward to seeing many of them out and about with their new owners.

“We are aiming to make the day bigger each year if we can, as we slowly make the presentation more half warmbloods, half Arabians.”

ABOVE: The Dertell family pulled off another great open day.

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