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Riders up for a challenge as stockman's series kicks off

ABOVE: Kira Melano on Drive To The Stars was third in the Encouragement section. Picture: AMANDA WARD

THE Heywood Stockman’s Challenge attracted 94 riders, setting the scene for a series of five events to be run through western Victoria over coming months.

The event catered for all ages, ranging from tiny tots with their own section, as well as divisions for encouragement level, juniors, novice, green horse and open riders. As Australian riders are looking to new sports to enjoy, the Stockman’s Challenge is becoming one of the most popular all around the country. It helps riders improve their balance and skills for other disciplines like mounted games, polocrosse, jumping and tent pegging, as well as getting a horse used to all kinds of distractions.

It uses an obstacle course including ramps, small jumps, gates to open and close, and picking up and carrying objects to test the combinations.

ABOVE: Lila Bentley and Serendipitie Park Labrinth. Picture: AMANDA WARD

Points are scored for each obstacle and the highest point score wins and sometimes there are awards for different breeds like Australian Stock Horses, Quarter Horse and Thoroughbreds.

The Heywood event is the first of a newly established “super series” that includes five Stockman’s Challenges to be completed.

The next one is on Sunday, February 12, at Tyrendarra following Saturday’s annual show, which has quite a large program of open events, showjumping, HRCAV and breed classes.

Challenges at Horsham on February 19, Glenfield on March 11-12 and Harrow on April 29-30 make up the rest of the series.


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ABOVE (left to right):

Ylana Grigg on Dino.

Pa-Lin on Thor.

Layla Jacobson and Santana.

Emily Eastman on High Country Miles.

Novice winner Jodie Smith-Deland on Ripp.

Erin Jago on Four Star Coronel. .

Elizabeth Edgar on Jimmy.

Junior winner Maddison Downes on Flicka.

Jacqueline Coull on Flash.

Alan Nicholls on Colby.

Open winner Darren Holmberg on Rosie.

Annette Thomas on Jed.

Brianna Jones on Salem.

All images: AMANDA WARD

Heywood Challenge Results


1st - Jodie Smith-Deland - Ripp

2nd - Judy Jenkin - Finnius

3rd - Kira Lee - Drive to the Stars

4th - Erin Jago - Four Star Coronel

5th - Susan McKenry - Riverbend Special Edition

6th - Trevor Roulston - Kalimna xbox Novice

1st - Daryl Hill - Opinionada

2nd - Indiana Latchman - Will

3rd - Jade Danby - Get Carter

4th - Benni Rosmann - Superman Stan

5th - Alan Nicholis - Colby

6th - Emma Grigg – Dodge

Green Horse

1st - Ian James - Classic

2nd - Simon Ellul - Jazz

3rd - Kelleigh Henzen - Bushdrift Broadway


1st - Maddison Downes - Flicka

2nd - Emily Eastman - High Country Miles

3rd - Montana Dickerson - Bushdrift Fleetwood

4th - Bridget Mitchell Kenny - Lone Pine Darby

5th - Samantha Foster - HP Jimmi Cricket

6th - Laura Featherston – Annie


1st - Darren Holmberg - Rosie

2nd - Lynda Field - Calypso

3rd - Annette Thomas - Jed

4th - Wayne Field - Walter

5th - Kellie Freeman - Freemans Cocomah Yindi

6th - Tj Chamberlain - Brandie

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