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'Mighty Midland' zones in on Maldon for championships

ABOVE: The Bealiba Brumbies with their teams trophy.

MIDLAND pony club zone is one of the most active in Victoria and despite being faced with bitter weather on their horse trials championship weekend the event at Maldon ran very well.

Zone representative Sue Foley said Maldon Pony Club went “above and beyond” to ensure the success of the day, which also included combined training and the Midland Zone Club Team Challenge.

“The clubs of the mighty Midland Zone are divided into four sections,” she said.

“Once every four years a section hosts the zone horse trials. This year it was section C’s turn at the Maldon pony club grounds.

“All the clubs in the section chip in to help set up and prepare the grounds but inevitably the host club crosses the ‘t’s and dots the ‘i’s.”

The Bealiba Brumbies have been making a habit of doing well in events round the state lately and did so again at this event. Alyssa Corcoran riding Shiloh, Nicole Catto on MSQ Ollie, Violet Stephenson and Sonny, Charli Catto and Andy and Olive Ferguson on Tawaris Xanadu took the teams.

In second place was the Maldon Mayhems: Sophie Bourke on Wishy, Sienna Taylor on Acacia Park Diaramah, Francis Walls on Dolly and Maddison Drohan on Banjo.

The Maldon Movers – Lily Gillespie on Promising Roc Star, Lily Diss on Rivington Tegwen, Harrison Walls on Red and Scarlett Shepherd on KO Outatime – were third.

There were open and pony club horses trials and combined training classes.

ABOVE: Grade two winner Iris Sudholz and River. Picture: FELICITY CLAY

Iris Sudholz and River from Horsham Pony Club won the pony club grade two class, and Anna Sudholz riding Blaze won the open section.

In grade three pony club the winner was Tara Genn on Esprit De Corps from Wangaratta Pony Club and the open went to Naomi Logan on Annie.

The grade four pony club winner was Ellie Fraser’s Jarosite Raffino from Ballarat Pony Club and the open winner was Kylie Bell on Jade.

Grade five pony club was a big class won by Isabella Kunde riding Fizzy Pop for Harcourt Pony Club, with the open class going to Kate Patching on King Diamond.

The tiny tots in grade six are always fun to watch and the pony club class winner was Alyssa Corcoran on Shiloh from Bealiba Pony Club. The open grade six was won by Frank Hurmez and WP Ice Cold from Woodlands Pony Club.

ABOVE: Isabella Kunde and Fizzy Pop on the way to a win in grade five. Picture: FELICITY CLAY
ABOVE: Tough conditions for Maldon’s Shayla Lister and Narwonah Footloose. Picture: FELICITY CLAY

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