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Juniors brush up on their craft at NSW show and clinic

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

ABOVE: Aria Proctor riding Rivington True Royalty with her mum Amanda. Picture: LORELLE MERCER

WITH the show season fast approaching, the Equestrian NSW Junior Horse Show and clinic provided a chance for the show kids to polish up their performances and learn useful tips from quality coaches.

The young riders and their families got to experience the facilities at the Sydney International Equestrian Centre to do their work at and enjoy the junior show horse championships.

It is good to see that owner rider classes are being introduced even at the junior level, and in this section Matilda Ireland’s Bamborough Porcelain, Gorgia Currell’s Westlake Material Girl and Lucinda O’Brien’s Milfield Quepid, Eva Englezos’ Seasons Park Diamonds, Holly Bunt’s Whitmere Hello Darling and Eloise Clare’s Oakfield Fairytale all rewarded their owners for their efforts.

Lacey Cowdroy’s Kingfisher Park Zibbyboo was busy, winning both the leading rein and first ridden Show Pony and the owner rider small show pony class.

Her sister Hallie also had a good show, with Yarra Heights Plaything winning the leading rein show hunter pony and MacArthur Park Lady Luck winning the owner rider large pony class, making the pair’s six-hour trip to the show worthwhile.

There is such an art in showing a horse in hand, so handler classes are so important for youngsters to learn skills early. The winners at the championships were Hallie Cowdroy in the five years to nine class, Tiarn Schnell in the 12 to 15 years group and Arabella Heming in the 15 to 18 years class.

Jessica Callus is forming a good partnership with the small show hunter hack Rebelle, winning that class and placing in the one for riders 15 to 17 years.

There are some really lovely show hunters at present, especially in the pony classes. Their versatility in both show classes and dressage, and their beautiful classic type, has made them popular.

Two Bamborough-bred ponies, Bamborough Katnap, show by Daisy Heming and Bamborough Porcelain shown by Matilda Ireland, are classic types, as are Ellie Jane Rudder’s Silkwood Cellini and Tiarn Schnell’s Woodstock Eclair.


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1. Samara Hanna and Emberton Indiana.

2. Lacey Cowdroy.

3. Eden Lochead and Rathopwen Septimus .

4. Eva Englezos and Seasons Park Diamonds.

5. Arabella Heming and Musician.

6. Jessica Callus and EBL Magic Mike.


Download full results

Equestrian NSW Junior Horse Show Results 2023
Download PDF • 85KB

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