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Jackpots, jumping add to the options at Barwon dressage day

ABOVE: Zoe Sambucco and Majestic Prince Harvey. Picture: LISA GREEN of MANE MEMORIES

WHILE other sports have their seasons, with some resting in summer, and others hibernating in winter, dressage seems to sail serenely through every month of the year.

The Barwon Equestrian dressage series is an opportunity for riders from five to 75, on small ponies to giant warmbloods, to come out and refine their performances.

The round conducted at the Ballan pony club grounds offered competition at every level for pony club and open riders, with two tests and a jackpot for each. There was even a Prix Caprilli, which tests the combinations over jumps as well as dressage movements.

ABOVE: Yona Lloyd and Ballahowe Ayurvedic. Picture: MANE MEMORIES

Event rider Yona Lloyd polished his young horses’ performance in the open advanced level with Carlyle Park Bravo and Ballahowe Ayurvedic placing first and second, while the pony club advanced jackpot winner was Shayleigh Joblin’s Grenwood Romeo.

Tiffany Peters’ Remlif Park Wizard in pony club and Kerri-Anne Evans’ Pure Obsession in the open were the grade one jackpot winners.

Jemima Boulton on Kuhbeer and Terry Cleland Tarburra Whisper were the Jackpot winners in grade two and in grade three it was Lily McCrohan on Scarteen and Georgina Birrell’s Fonzy taking the trophies home.

Grade four is always interesting with a wide variety of equines (everything from small Welshies to off-the-track Thoroughbreds) all learning the intricacies of staying straight and trotting good circles. The jackpot winners were Piper Bondarenko with Nilton Mayfair and Prue Blackney’s Star Presence.

Lucinda Cooper’s KRP Bonanza and Bronwyn Harrington’s Sox were the grade five jackpot winners.

In the Prix Caprilli, the winners were Jemima Boulton riding Dipped in Chocolate, Amelia Mc Dougall riding Stoneleigh Sunday Rose, Mietta Lumsden on Double TT Debbonaire, Isabel Morphy on Flowerdale Basil and Cooper Owen on Wyann Camelot.

ABOVE: Kerri-Anne Evans and Pure Obsession. Picture: MANE MEMORIES
ABOVE: Rita DeBon and Ooh La La Frenchie. Picture: MANE MEMORIES
ABOVE: Prue Blackney and Star Presence. Picture: MANE MEMORIES

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