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Foals and youngstock step out in style at 'spectacular'

ABOVE: Grand supreme foal was Allison Banks' Roseden Minks Masterpiece. Picture: ANGIE RICKARD

THE All Breeds Show Society rolled their traditional foal and youngstock shows into a single “spectacular” at the Elmore Equestrian Centre over the long weekend.

There were 181 entries across more than 22 breeds paraded before the judges over two days, competing in their breed events as well as open, handler and activity classes.

Each day of showing began with a jackpot, which was open to both pure and part-bred exhibits.

All judges took part and used a scoring system to determine the winner, which then progressed on to a second round in which they went head-to-head with other winners in their height category.

The foal show jackpot winners were Adele Garraway and Moondara Park Wildcard (not exceeding 10.2hh), Heather Masson and Epoch Picture Cosmopolitan (10.2hh and ne 12.2hh), Terry Hocking and Cantik Park Black Jack (12.2hh and ne 14.2hh) and Michelle Gorton and Oakton Lodge Sudden Empress (over 14.2hh).

The winners in the youngstock jackpot were Adele Garraway and Moondara Park Willow (not exceeding 10.2hh), Terry Hocking and Cantik Park Tomthumb (10.2hh ne 12.2hh), Samantha Patton and Blue Gates Lazarus (12.2hh and ne 14.2hh) and Elizabeth Green and KP Hidden Story (over 14.2hh).

All registered foals born after August 1, 2020, were eligible to compete in the foal show, which was run on Sunday.

Just over 100 foals were presented on the day, with the grand supreme garland and sash awarded to the ring three supreme champion Allison Banks and Roseden Minks Masterpiece.

She was selected from Michelle Gorton and Oakton Lodge Sudden Empress (winner ring 1 and 4), Melanie McGuire and Ascot Santa Fe (winner ring 2), Adele Garraway and Moondara Park Wildcard (winner ring 4), Stewie Robinson and Karrington Lodge Olympian (winner open foal), Brad Porter and King Valley Dream Weaver (winner open heavy horse) and Ashley Porter and Vanoca Park Jazz Dance (winner open hunter). Rebecca Lewin and Al-Kareeme Illuminate (winner open small pony) and Terry Hocking and Cantik Park Black Jack (winner open show type) did not present for final judging.

There were 77 youngstock entries on Monday, with the grand supreme of show going to Michelle Gorton’s Oakton Lodge Sudden Attraction (ring 1 and open western ring 4 winner).

ABOVE: Grand supreme youngstock exhibit was Michelle Gorton’s Oakton Lodge Sudden Attraction with judges (back left clockwise) Jason Mullenger, Robert Day, Miranda Kerr and Michelle Lando. Picture: ANGIE RICKARD

In the running for the top prize had been Ashley Porter and Vanoca Park Amity (winner ring two), Amberley Thorpe and Pilinta Park Heritage (winner ring four and open small pony), William Lewin and Willice Park Clifford (winner ring four open heavy horse), Elizabeth Green and KP Hidden Story (winner ring four open show pony) and Ashley Porter and Fontain Park Whisper of Wind (winner ring four open show hunter). Stewie Robinson and Merivale Park His Lordship (winner ring three) did not present for judging.

All Breeds Show Society president Linda Leach said the society was very happy with how their first standalone combined foal and youngstock show had worked out.

“The society normally runs the foal show on the June long weekend and the youngstock show on the first weekend of August,” she said.

“When Covid hit in 2020 and then again in 2021 we joined the foal and youngstock shows to run on the same day in late November in conjunction with our spring carnival, which was a great success.

“This year is our first attempt to run both shows on the one weekend to see if the numbers will still support us and they have – we are very happy with the successful outcome and the support that the ABSS receives from the horse community.”

The judges for the show were Ashlee Carrigan-Walsh, Bec Gerber, Taylah Lee and Mitchell Carrigan -Walsh (foals) and Jason Mullenger, Miranda Kerr, Michelle Lando and Robert Day (youngstock).


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