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A warm judge is a happy judge at Tatura dressage

ABOVE: Isla Evans powering along on Dracmoor Firestorm. Picture: BRENDON MURRAY

THE second round of the Tatura Dressage Series took place indoors in cold weather.

Always a stickler for details, the event’s organisers are well known for taking care of its officials.

“The very warm welcome – including a column heater strategically located at the judge's station at C – more than makes up for the long drive,” judge Jan Smith said.

“It was a terrific event, all indoors, including the warm up.”

Jan praised the facilities at Tatura Park, saying the competition arena was perfectly presented.

“Well done Sue and Duncan Terry for running such a great show,” she said.

The Tatura Dressage group provides excellent service for a large part of Victoria and southern NSW and is one of the finalists in the Victorian Equestrian Federation’s Dressage Affiliate of the Year awards, which recognises the outstanding dedication and achievements of affiliates who have provided services to Equestrian Victoria members.

As well as dressage, Tatura Park hosts reining, showjumping and in August, the Show Horse Council is holding their Southern Stars Royal Gala show there in conjunction with the final of the dressage series.

ABOVE: Javais Ham and Mayfield Fez. Picture: Picture: BRENDON MURRAY

In the round two pony classes, Zali Mills and Palm Park Royal Command won the 07.2.1 test and did the same in the 2.2 with 65.313 per cent.

Tara Wilkinson’s Nilton Macho Man won the 13.1.1 pony test with a super score of 71.4 per cent and Molly Farran’s Weston Park Milan won the 1.2 test with 74.643 per cent.

It's a tribute to the talent of the Welsh-bred ponies in dressage that so many of them carry a Welsh stud prefix.

Both restricted tests were won by Sophie Still’s Jenjen Hermione scoring 68.393 and 67.6 per cent and the preparatory 1 and 2 went to Melanie Ford and St Marcellina with 72 and 87.33 per cent.

Skyla Cox won the 3.1 test with Rockfire U Turn and Melanie Ford rode Gorserella Let’s Be Frank to win the 4.1.

Javais Ham is coming along beautifully with the talented young Mayfield Fez winning the 5.1 and 5.2 tests.

The third round of the series will run in August.


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