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Youthful approach at Heytesbury ensures a top day of showing

ABOVE: Stella Horsepole on Bamborough Juene. Picture: LISA GREEN of MANE MEMORIES

HEYTESBURY has for years been one of Victoria’s classic Western District shows.

The finest of the state’s livestock gathers and in autumn the show horses are at their most beautiful. Perhaps the main credit for the event is the fact that unlike many shows, the people running the horse section are young.

At just 27, coordinator Erin Kleisterlee was brave in tackling the task of running the first show since 2020 when Covid put a stop to everything.

The judges were also fresh faces, even though they are experienced horse people: Fiona Knight (Buckland), Renee Kewish, Kaylene McCarthy and Melody Linehan dealt efficiently with the classes. Harry Armistead Reimer has just turned seven and with most of the show horse fraternity having watched him grow, they were both delighted and amused that Heytesbury Show was his first time off the lead and going solo. Harry’s pony Rivington Topsy Turvy did him proud, carrying him to win a champion rider and champion show hunter sashes, but it was his ride-off for supreme hunter that had his mother, Kimberley, covering her eyes.

ABOVE: Harry Armistead Reimer having the time of his life riding off for supreme show hunter. Picture: LISA GREEN

“I was having heart failure,” Kimberley said. “And my sister Nicole was laughing at me.

“The adults in that supreme hunter though were amazing. They all looked out for him and kept an eye where he was. The show world at its best out there.

“He was having the time of his life just having a gallop with the big kids. Me, not so much.”

The list of supreme champions showed quality. The supreme led was long-time show family Nancy Miller and her daughter Sally Murcott’s Wyoming Park Secret Affair. The supreme champion rider was Stella Horspole.

Marcia Beard took the supreme champion galloway award with Rhyl Lourdes , supreme champion show hunter was Fiona McIntyre’s Westminster and the supreme champion child’s pony was Harry Armiston Reimer’s Rivington Topsy Turvy.

Over in the showjumping ring, the winner of the 120m open jump was Tim Clarke riding Kantango and the 110cm showjumping class winner was Nellie Rogers.

Pat Ryan, who has judged the showjumping at Heytesbury for five years retired after the last event, with competitors expressing their appreciation for his input.


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ABOVE: Riley Marin and Argyle Cover Girl; Isobel Morphy and Flowerdale Basil; Harry Armisted Reimer and Rivington Topsy Turvy; Fi McIntyre on the supreme hunter Westminster and Tyra Sambell and Tamrie Park Just Dance. All pictures: LISA GREEN of MANE MEMORIES

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