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Show in safe hands as it coasts through a busy weekend

ABOVE: Shae Latimer and champion show hunter hack Antoinette CSH. Picture: TAYLAH CLARK

ROSEMARY Loughnan is one of the best show organisers in Victoria, so it’s to be expected that the Bass Coast Agricultural Show at Wonthaggi would run smoothly despite encountering problems in the lead-up, and it did. As one of the first agricultural shows of the season, the capricious weather caused the Equestrian Victoria and APSB Pony of the Year events to drop back on to Bass Coast’s date, but it had little effect on the popular show.

“We had the best time we could have hoped for,” Rosemary said. “We were more than happy with the entries and show-wise there was good attendance and a busy carnival.” As well as the classic show classes, there were topsy fun classes for the youngsters, donkey classes and harness.

ABOVE: Champion hack Warrawee Impressareeo and Elizabeth Krog. Picture: TAYLAH CLARK

The champion show hunter hack champions were equally impressive, with Shae Latimer’s Antionette CSH, Weng Ye Wing’s Green Isle Galway and Megan Winfield’s Whistlejacket Warlord topping their sections.

Champion galloway sashes went to Melanie Burns’ KT Softie, Amanda Townley’s Kolbeach Supanova and Shelley Penny’s Sheldene Masonic. The winning show hunter galloways were Phoebe Cavill’s Wyann Amelia and Di McDonald’s In Motion and Doulton.

The show has always had a very strong pony line-up, with many studs in the area known as top producers.

Winners included Jenna Murphy’s Carlingford Park Double Jeopardy and Shelley Penny’s Sheldene Madonna in the show pony section and in the show hunter ponies over 12.2hh section, Anne Paynter’s Orlando Bloom and Kara Holloways’ Dolly Diva.

Jill Bradford took three championships in the small show pony class with her home breds Burrabong Winks, Burrabong Amber and Burrabong April.

The show also held classes for donkeys and mules, where the best led mule was Apache (Tanya Carberry), the best led donkey was Zahra Yclips (Peter and Jennifer McNab) and the best driven and ridden donkey sash went to Heatherbrae Jackston (Peter and Jennifer McNab).

In the light harness classes the champion driven 10. 2hh and under was Pilinta Park Pippen shown by Ann Oakford, the champion delivery horse was Murroka Miriam, shown by Matt Marriott and the champion turnout and hackney was Corrine Collins and Andrew James’ The Doune Regal.

ABOVE: Ridden Shetland winner was Blackwood Tiger Tim and Emily Landmeter. Picture: TAYLAH CLARK

Like many agricultural shows, Bass Coast was disappointed with the roll up in breed classes.

Where once, people going to the show would see lineups of Shetlands, Arabians and stud ponies they have vanished, and like many committees, Bass Coast is deciding whether non-support will mean the classes won’t be held again. The situation show committees don’t want to see is breed groups asking for classes only to get just one competitor after going to the expense of providing a special judge and ribbons and prizes.

“Maybe people are just happy within their own groups,” Rosemary said.

“Many of us want to keep breeds on but you start to think twice about it. Don’t complain when they are gone.”

Whether the breed classes are at Bass Coast next year or not, the active committee is already making plans for their busy horse section.

“We are always looking forward and improving,” Rosemary said.

ABOVE: Champion show hunter Galloway Dunelm Icon and Di McDonald. Picture: TAYLAH CLARK
ABOVE: Champion show hunter pony Kawanna Park Pablo ridden by Shelley Penny. Picture: TAYLAH CLARK


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ABOVE: The donley and mule classes were well-supported. All images supplied.

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