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Show action heads to Pacific Coast for championships

ABOVE: Angela Latter and Skyview HV Hits. Picture: LORELLE MERCER

WHILE the Victorian show horses and ponies grew winter fluff and gazed gloomily from warm stables, their NSW counterparts were out and about.

Riders at the Show Horse Council of NSW Pacific Coast Hack Championships at Hawkes showground were even in tee shirts.

The show gave people with new young horses a chance to gain experience and possibly even a golden ticket to the next Grand National championships in Sydney.

There were some lovely newcomers stepping out. Summa Crockett’s dapple-grey EBL Lyric is an impressive youngster and Cassandra Schmidt’s The Candyman is also promising.

Other winners were Merry Jewel of Royalwood, Emily Mears’ EBL Ben Hur, Chelsea Morelli’s Rathowen Satin Sashes, Becky Roberson’s Final Focus of Woodholly and Merry Jewel of Royalwood shown by Elizabeth Daly.

The owner rider classes have become more popular as they should, giving the person who has to work five days a week and do their horse work in the dark of the evening or early morning an even chance. That so many lovely horses appear in this section shows their owners put a lot of time and effort into their favourite hobby.

There were 12 owner rider classes and all were well filled. Champions included Ruby McAuliffe and Suzie QR, Scott Henry and Moorlands Rafiti, Indiana White and Ellenbrae Park Mesmerising, Taryn Walsh and Rivendell Jamuka, Timothy Cassell and Rosemont Ace of Hearts, Alyssa Walsh and Tremayne Lets Dance, Ella Paige Warren and Bellevale Charisma, Naomi Brincau and Bamborough Patience, Sarah Pernice and Bamborough Moonstruck, Ivy Harris and Leeara Park Peter Pan and Charlotte Byrne and TL Toy Boy.

ABOVE: Ruby McAuliffe after Suzie QR carried her to a reserve championship in the rider 12 and under 15 years. Picture: LORELLE MERCER

Leading rein classes are always a favourite with competitors and spectators who love watching the tiny tots doing earnest up-downs on gentle ponies. The winner of the show hunter leading rein was Arawel Lodge Matilda piloted by Shiloh Jones and in the show pony leading rein, Karlana Proposal gave Matilda Murphy a sweet ride to win the class.

First ridden classes are the ones that have the mums biting fingernails at ringside while the small children fly their first solo mission. The show pony winner was Whitmere Trade Secret piloted by Molly Manchester and in the show hunter first ridden, Bamborough Moonstruck and Matilda Kape took home the blue sash.

It was good to see the Shetland Ponies included in the leading rein classes. So many small kids have learned to ride having a big handful of that luxurious mane to learn to balance.

Chateau Gaye Gallagher was a long way from his Victorian home, carrying Ellie Lee to a win in a 12-strong class.

In the show hack classes, Mark Kiddle’s Sinatra won the large hack over 16 hands and Phoenix Passeri showed Hanley Park Bolero to win the small hack.

Angela Latter had a successful show with her small show hunter hack taking the championship and also carrying her to a championship in the rider over 30 section. Runner up small show hunter hack was Lucy Batten’s Mi Aber Shiloh.

Owner rider Amanda Kape held her own in the open ring with home-bred Calvin Park Take A Bow winning the small pony n/e 12.2 championship.


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1. Tasha McPherson’s Kilpara Park Oliver Twist.

2. Summa Crockett rode Tracey Bavington’s EBL Lyric to champion newcomer hunter hack and champion preliminary large hunter hack.

3. Lucy Batten and Mi Aber Shiloh.

4. Paige Richards and reserve champion small hack Karma Park Tom Collins.

5. Champion tiny tot rider was Shiloh Jones on Michelle Panetta’s Arawel Lodge Matilda.

6. Cynthia Parker’s Calca Park Aristocrat, the champion child's small show hunter pony

7. Cassie Schmidt and champion newcomer hack The Candy Man

8. Amanda Kape’s Calvin Park Take A Bow.

9. Reserve champion rider aged 17 to 21 Alana Smith

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