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Open and pony club riders turn out for Tasmanian horse trials

ABOVE: Hunter Palfreyman and Fast and Furious in the CNC one-star. Picture: CAITLIN HOW

THE Northern Tasmanian Eventing Club in conjunction with Midlands Pony Club ran their annual Horse trials at Quercus Park, Carrick.

Riders from all over the state attended, with some of the top riders in the Equestrian Australia (EA) classes looking for qualifiers for both mainland events and the Interschool Nationals later in the year.

The Grade 1 (105cm), Grade 2 (95cm) and Grade 3 (80cm) riders are looking for qualifications to compete in the State Pony Club Eventing Championships in early March at the Tasmanian Equestrian Centre in Hobart.

In the one-star class, the three top riders – Kenny Walch on Eliva Corduroy, Brooke Foster on Atomic Treasure and Hunter Palfreyman riding Fast and Furious – were just two dressage points apart and all three produced clear cross country and showjumping rounds so stayed in that position.

Lucinda Alexander riding Lethal Charm was well clear in the dressage phase of the EA 95 and stayed that way after jumping and Gemma James’ GE Mayfield did the same in the EA 80.

Melanie Paterson’s BS Gracie rose from third place after dressage to win the EA 65, and Lethal Promise ridden by Carole Coates was the winner of the EA 50cm class.

ABOVE: Grade two rider Hollie Bennet and Geegee Libby’s Clang. Picture: CAITLIN HOW

In the pony club classes, Bronte McShane from Monmouth Club won the grade one class and Ingrid Bradley from Midlands riding Allen Park Grand Lexus were the winners of the grade two.

There were three grade three sections, with Sophie Ranson on Summerwood Park Red Rover from the Tasmanian club, Matilda Scott on Little Rock Duchess from West Tamer and Emily Archer’s Pop Goes The Weasel from West Tamer the winners.

Grade four was also split into two full sections where the winners were Harry Furzer on PS Royalty from Inglis club and Grace Smedley’s Entally Ice Magic from Fernpark.

Annie Harrington from Birraqlee on Scrubmaster was the winner of the pony club grade five.

It’s a busy time for eventers in Tasmania over the next few months with the High Performance squad/Development/Foundation squads training at Quercus Park on January 28 and 29 with Will Enzinger and Emily Anker.

This will be followed by the North West Eventing Championships (in conjunction with Circular Head Pony Club) at Smithton on February 5, Pony Club Tasmania Eventing Championships on the 11th to 13th at TEC Hobart, the Northern Tasmanian Eventing Championships at Quercus Park on March 26 and the Tasmanian Eventing Championships at TEC on April 15 and 16.


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TOP: Tayla Clayton, of Lilydale Pony Club, and Little Duck.

MIDDLE: Northern Tasmanian Eventing Club’s Ruby Hirst and Entally High Expectations.

BOTTOM: Lucy Larcombe and PS Rocketman, representing Huntingfield Pony Club.


Download full results

Tasmanian Horse Trials results January 2023
Download PDF • 202KB

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