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It's finally on with the show at Castle Hill after two-year break

ABOVE: Mary Holman riding the supreme hack, Private Valentine. Picture: LORELLE MERCER

CASTLE Hill Show in NSW has been held for the first time since Covid hit more than two years ago, attracting exceptional, national-level judges.

Mark Tarrant, Lindy Walker, Nicolette Jones Ryan and JoAnne Parry officiated on the day, with a wide range of led and saddle classes run smoothly run across eight rings.

The area and show itself have a great history. Governor King began a government farm at the site in July 1801, referring to it later as Castle Hill. The majority of the convicts who worked the prison farm were Irish, many having been transported for agitation against British rule. They were deemed “politicals” and exiled for life, never to return. The annual Castle Hill Show began in the 1880s from ploughing and sporting days and has been a district showcase ever since, although like so many show societies it faces a fight against modern town development.

ABOVE: Supreme Welsh exhibit Bamborough Bright Lights, exhibited by Katie Kelly. Picture: LORELLE MERCER

This year’s show featured a good range of open and breed classes.

Some of the results included:

Ring 1:

Supreme Led Arabian Derivative: M Abe Shiloh, Lucy Batten

Champion Ridden Derivative NE 14hh: Canyon Quasar, Kristen Strath

Champion Over 15hh: Sheldene Zareem, Sarah Penise

Reserve: M Abe Shiloh, Lucy Batten

Ring 2: Coloured (n/a)

Ring 3: Welsh

Champion Led Australian Pony: Kooyong Xavier, Katie Kelly

Champion Led APSB: Bamborough Bright Lights, Katie Kelly

Reserve: Bamborough Corumba, Katie Kelly

Champion Led Section A Mare: Woranora Sierra, Helen Dohan

Reserve: Woranora Truffle, Helen Dohan

Champion Led Section A Gelding: Bamborough Carumba, Katie Kelly

Champion Led Section B Mare: Woranora Chanel, Helen Dohan

Champion Gelding Section B: Bamborough Bright Lights, Katie Kelly

Reserve: Canyon Quasar, Kirsten Strath

Champion Led Section C: Salient Brennan Llew, Samantha Backhouse

Champion Part Welsh Mare: Chances Of Rathowen, Kirsten Strath

Reserve: Ascot Rose Marie, A Ream

Champion Led Part Welsh Gelding: KT Caberet, Karen Townsend

Reserve: Beauparc Antz Pants, Elena Tselpi

Supreme Led Part Welsh: KT Caberet Karen Townsend

Champion Ridden Part Welsh: Beauparc Antz Pantz, Elena Tselepi

Ring 4: Hacks, ANSA and TB

Champion Adult Rider: Kathy Mckinnon (Supreme Rider)

Reserve: Alex Vollena

Champion Small Hack: Private Valentine Mary Holman (Supreme Hack)

Reserve: Bayview Toyboy Elena Tselep

Champion Large Hack: Koko Flash, Kathy Mckinnon

Reserve: Allaringa Astro, Rubie Fitzpatrick

Champion Junior ANSA: KT Caberet Karen Townsend

Champion Senior ANSA. M Abe Shiloh, Lucy Batten (Supreme Led ANSA)

Champion Ridden ANSA: Bayview Toyboy. Elena Tselep

Ring 5: Galloway, ASPA

Champion Led ASPA: Canyon Quasar, Kirsten Strath

Reserve: Bamborough Corumba, Katie Kelly

Champion Ridden ASPA: Canyon Quasar, Kirsten Strath

Reserve: Bamborough Corumba, Katie Kelly

Ring 6: Pony Hacks, RPSB

Champion Large Pony Hack: Beauparc Antz Pantz, Elena Tselep

Champion Senior Led RPSB: Digeree Makin Music, Tim Hadlow. (Supreme)

Reserve: Canyon Quasar Kirsten Strath

Ring 7: Hunters

Champion Galloway: WP Impressive Siren, Georgie Batten

Reserve: Sheldene Zareem, Sarah Penise

Ring 8: ASH and breeds

Champion Led Stallion/Colt: Braeview Titanium

Champion Led Mare/ Filly: Wingum Special Girl

Champion Led Gelding: Alcharinga Astro, Rubie Fitzpatrick

Supreme Led: Braeview Tiranium

Champion Led Andalusion: Gotcha Park Mayera, Jacqui Fry

Reserve: Broadway Park Le-Renzo, Dianna Harris

Champion Led Standardbred: Royal Remington, Sarah Steele

Reserve: The Ethletic, Jacqui Fry

Champion Ridden: The Ethletic, Jacqui Fry


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1. Karen Townsend and KT Caberet.

2. Kathy McKinnon and champion large hack Koko Flash.

3. Mark Tarrant and Bruce Flood .

4. Katie Kelly on champion ridden pony Emyella Heavens Soprano, owned by Elena Tselepi.

5. Supreme rider Kathy McKinnon with judges Joanne Parry and Lindy Walker.


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