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Imagine being in pony club in the heart of horse country

ABOVE: Florence White-Kipper of Toongabbie and District Pony Club. Picture: ONE-EYED FROG

THE young riders of the Sale and Rosedale pony clubs are lucky – they live in one of the “horsiest” parts of Victoria, with some of the best coaches and events held in their district.

Both clubs are very active and their recent horse trials and combined training competition was aimed at the younger riders learning the ropes of their favorite sport.

While numbers in the higher age groups were low in the horse trials section, it’s significant that down in level five, where the great ponies carry confident little pilots, it was divided to cope with those wanting to compete. There was also a full section of tiny tots in grade six.

It’s what pony club is all about.

Off-the-track Thoroughbreds showed the way in the first three events where  Lilah Potter and Rawnaq from Yarra Glen and District Pony Club scored an excellent 70 per cent in dressage and followed it up with good jumping in the pony club grade one. Amber Mactaggarton and another Thoroughbred, Dash of Elegance, won the open grade one.

Madeleine Rodwell and Gracie Grace (OTT) of Sale Pony Club and Ebony Clavarino on My Diego were the winners in grade two.

ABOVE: Narelle Mcfee and Shadyoak Picturesque. Picture: SHARLENE PHILLIPS/ONE-EYED FROG
ABOVE: Linda Lewis and My Boy Scout. Picture: ONE-EYED FROG

In grade three it was Jade Dickinson and Northern Farrington from Healesville Pony Club and Narelle Mcfee’s Shadyoak Picturesque who took home blue sashes.

Grade four winners were Olivia Junck riding Ellesmere from Toongabbie and District Pony Club and Kobi Mclachlan’s Blackall Park Duchess.

The pony club grade five division winners were Melia Sellings and Autumn from Toongabbie and District Pony Club and Mitchell O’Brien’s Delta from Bairnsdale Pony Club. Linda Harvey’s Katie won the open grade five.

In grade six pony club this trend continued, with Jasmine Howden’s Gabby taking the winner’s sash home for the home club, Rosedale District Pony Club, and Mia Harrington’s Selvedge (OTT) winning the open for Lillico and District Pony Club.

The event also held classes of combined training for grade five and six, where the winners were Isla Caffrey’s Mr Bean from Stratford Pony Club and Siena Mammino on Belle from Tooradin Dalmore.

ABOVE: Skye Orchard and Nuclear Option of Stratford Pony Club. Picture: ONE-EYED FROG
ABOVE: Gypsy Rohde and Hazelwood Rulesalot of Rosedale and District Pony Club. Picture: ONE-EYED FROG
ABOVE: Ebony Harvey and Treasured Nadal of Tooradin Dalmore. Picture: ONE-EYED FROG
ABOVE: Ebony Clavarino and My Diego. Picture: ONE-EYED FROG
ABOVE: Tahliah Macdonald and Diss and Dot from Rosedale and District Pony Club. Picture: ONE-EYED FROG

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