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Hillcrest a dream school for horse-mad youngsters

ABOVE: The students took the lead in running the event, including doing the gear checks. Picture: ONE-EYED FROG

BEING able to attend a school like Hillcrest Christian College in Clyde North must be as close to heaven as possible for horse-mad teenagers.

As part of the curriculum, Hillcrest students have the opportunity of learning to work with, care for and ride horses at the school’s very own Ayr Hill Equestrian Centre adjoining the college.

The centre not only serves the needs of the students but provides programs and a venue for students of other colleges in the region and wider and the Victorian equestrian community at large.

The Ayr Hill Equestrian Centre has purpose-built facilities suitable for both small clinics and large events and is very popular for interschool and other competitions.

An unofficial dressage competition run recently by the school gave the youngsters a chance to organise an event themselves and take a leading role in its running.

In the preparatory tests, Eden Rodda and Edge of Chaos proved unstoppable with scores in the mid-70s in both tests.

At preliminary A level, the wins were spread around. In the first test, eventer Robyn Brown and her young mount Oh No George won, then were fourth in the next to Neva Brunning and Leo.

ABOVE: Katherine Banfield and Sir Percival. Picture: ONE-EYED FROG

A real charmer in this section was Katherine Banfield’s Gypsy Cob, Surrey Springs Sir Percival.

With his long mane crest plaited and a full flowing tail the pair placed second in one test and third in the other.

In preliminary B, Elissa Warn and Crestwood Casanova Royale and Cleo Pohlen riding Belcam Elwina both won.

In the novice classes, there was a wide range of breeds. The Riding Pony Silkwood Eclipse shown by Billie Bellet won one test and a warmblood, Fuerst Fantasia, won the other for Erin Dunne.

Tenaya Coyne and KC Dior won both elementary classes.

ABOVE: Emily Spano and Torika Park Cardamon. Picture: ONE-EYED FROG
ABOVE: Robyn Brown and Oh No George. Picture: ONE-EYED FROG

Full results

Hillcrest unofficial EA dressage competition October 2023 results
Download PDF • 111KB

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