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Classes for big and small and the quality was consistent

ABOVE: Jess Cameron’s Connemara Asham Hazy Fletch. Picture: EQUINE PROMOTIONS

EQUESTRIAN Victoria and the Australian Pony Stud Book’s combined show at Werribee Park filled the grounds with a feast for the eyes of different breeds.

There were elegant Thoroughbreds, some just off the track like the Hong Kong Jockey Club Racing legend Beauty Generation with his handlers from his new home at Living Legends taking a first, wide-eyed look at his new career and taking home two red ribbons.

At the opposite end of the scale were the tiny, junior Shetlands 8.2hh and under entrants making sure with shrill cries that absolutely everyone knew they were there. The APSB’s Pony of The Year Show is one of those where classes are judged on points with three judges. This can lead to some head scratching among spectators who feel that everyone should agree, but judging is subjective and some like different qualities in a horse and score accordingly.

There was no disagreement however, about their choice for the supreme champion in the Mountain and Moorland section, won by Jess Cameron’s Connemara gelding Asham Hazy Fletch.

Shown by Jess’s sister, Georgie, he won four titles on the day including champion APSB senior led Mountain and Moorland Pony of the Year and at just his first outing under saddle was ridden champion.

ABOVE: Champion junior rider Marley Thorpe Heal on Rosedale Popeye. Picture: ANGIE RICKARD

The big Mountain and Moorlands were all great types and both the Connemara and New Forests on show were a credit to the breeders.

The Gypsy Cob and Fjord classes were small but good quality with the winners being Lee Scown’s Riverdance Earth Empress, Rachel Smith’s Blackwood Ridge Norton and Ester Goodwin’s Hackney Pony champion Vicountshill Cadillac.

In the Equestrian Victoria section, there was a special off-the-track ( OTT) ring, well supported by Racing Victoria, with the champion led horse being Miss Maleficent shown by Emily Mann and the ridden championship going to Daizi Plumb’s DP Perfection.

The state show horse committees have become very conscious of the need to flatten out the playing field to provide classes for non-professional riders who show their horses and ponies from home while still working nine to five.

These classes are becoming more and more appreciated. Champions in this section included Sabrina Gilmour’s Wideacre Harry Winston as champion pony, Stella Horspole’s Argyl Fine Art as champion galloway and Sabrina Gilmour’s Royal Oak Foreign Affairs.

The show also held classes for child’s ridden and Newcomer horses and ponies, and open classes.


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All results and placings can be downloaded below.

APSB POTY Scores 2023
Download PDF • 195KB
Summer Show 2023 Results - Ring 1
Download PDF • 124KB
Summer Show 2023 Results - Ring 2
Download PDF • 107KB
Summer Show 2023 Results - Ring 3 OTT
Download PDF • 69KB

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