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Charlotte shines despite 3am start and adventurous road-trip

ABOVE: Highpoint winner of the show Charlotte-Ware Dickins and Nilton Spielberg.

SHOWS all over Australia are either cancelling or searching for other venues as La Nina continues her happy dance wrecking so many show plans.

The Wagga and District Adult Riding Club’s official HRCAV ring was meant to run at the Lockhart Show.

When all the ring events for Lockhart were cancelled due to the copious amounts of water laying everywhere, the quick-thinking Wagga District Adult Riding Club committee moved the ring to run at the fantastic Charles Sturt University Equestrian Facility at Wagga Wagga.

Charlotte-Ware Dickins’ family are troopers and had a 3am start driving through thick fog, dodging massive potholes, water over roads and road closures due to flooding to get to the event.

Charlotte, 13, rides Nilton Spielberg, a seven-year-old pony she has trained herself and owned since he was bought as a two-year-old.

“Mum just drives me now and I do the rest,” Charlotte said. “She does still like to help me but she doesn’t have to if she wants to go chat with friends.

“I love HRCAV events as everyone is so supportive and friendly. The judges give you feedback and everyone wants to see everyone do well and have fun.”

Charlotte was highpoint winner of the show, with a champion smartest on parade and several other placings to finish with 16 points.

The champion rider was Micaeli Gasperotti on Gorsorella Aristotle, the champion ridden mount was Willowcroft Jester ridden by Courtney Carmichael and the champion mount most suitable was SPH Touch of Awesome shown by Natalie O’Leary.

As it turned out, the event was held in perfect weather that sent many people home sunburnt.

That’s Australia for you.


ABOVE: (left to right) Micaeli Gasperotti, Natalie O'Leary and Courtney Carmichael.

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