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Central location a winner for up-and-coming competitors

ABOVE: Javais Ham riding Emma Hester’s Legacy at the Elmore dressage championships. Picture: EQUISOUL

ELMORE Equestrian Park has been in operation for about six years and was established to maximise the opportunities for riders to reach their potential while not having to travel great distances for competition.

There are many younger talented riders in the area and Elmore Field Days committee (the governing body of Elmore Equestrian Park) is committed to supporting and attracting the younger generation.

Caroline Coleby, a well-known coach and high-level dressage rider, swapped her riding boots for a seat in the judge’s vehicle at the Elmore Equestrian Club’s open competition on Saturday and was pleased with what she saw.

“There are some really good young combinations coming up through the system and I think they have a future, “she said. “There are good ponies and horses coming through.”

In the horse section, Sharyn Wyatt won the Advanced level jackpot riding Senorita, with wins in the Advanced A and B classes. Hot on her heels in both classes was Christiane Allingham riding Amby Hills Furst Embrace.

Megan McEachern was the only starter in the Small Tour classes, but these classes are so necessary for riders to test themselves against the criteria and her scores with Lets Jazzabit show she has a solid grounding.

Javais Ham had a busy day, winning the Medium level jackpot with Sevenoaks Romanov and the Elementary jackpot riding Mayfield Fez.

Thamesbourne Sunsprite ridden by Jayde Kirkham was second to Jervais in one class and Tracey Savage on Boots An All placed second in the other.

Justine Wedlock won one Novice class riding Don Lui and placed second to Annie Kesterton on Two Views Equine Obi in the other before being awarded the jackpot.

Amy Bachmann on Dancing Floretta was the winner of the Preliminary Jackpot.

ABOVE: Jodi Dobson and Willaurem Park Sundance.

The past 10 years has seen a continuing development in the production of ponies suitable for dressage and the 14.2hh and under brigade are now taken seriously when they step into an arena.

Jodi Dobson’s buckskin Willaurem Park Sundance is a small edition of a quality Warmblood, and his work in winning the Elementary Jackpot at Elmore shows there are even better things to come.

Shanon Mckimmie’s Bexter scored in the high 60 per cent range to win the Novice pony jackpot and Anastasia Pakusch’s Sienna Fairytale did the same in the Preliminary Pony jackpot.


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