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Briefs: Interschools rained out, safety stirrup ban, new owner for saddlery and an apology ...

THE NSW Interschools event was cancelled two days into competition because the state was again experiencing flooding in several areas after heavy rain.

ABOVE: Skye McKewin and her pony, the aptly named Slippery, competing for Arcadia Public School, bravely soldier on in the dressage before the event was called off. Picture: EQUESTRIAN NSW

Organisers put out the following statement:

“We had 122mm of rain at SIEC today. No chance. Yesterday, not as much and the eventing and dressage kids rode to the conditions.

"The Interschools Committee were red lining from Friday and put in a huge effort to get as far as we did.

"Many thanks for all the kind words and especially to the riders who performed brilliantly under the conditions.

"We will sort out the Nationals selection process and start the refunds this week, so please be patient.”


BIGGENDEN Endurance Riders have created a great event called "Come Learn and Try" Endurance.

Riders can learn about setting up camp at an endurance ride, pre and post vetting, feeding for the first endurance ride, what to bring, ride etiquette and do a trail ride at introductory ride pace. The date is Saturday July 30 from 12pm to 3pm at the Biggenden Showgrounds, Isis Highway, Biggenden Queensland 4621. Message the club for details. *

PONY Club Australia as just listed new saddlery and gear rules to apply to all pony club rallies, activities, training, events and competitions.

Impacted are:

Section 1: Rider Attire Approved or mandatory gear for a discipline applies at both training and competition level.

Section 2: Saddlery Approved or mandatory gear for a discipline applies at all times at both training (rally/muster/clinic) and competition level. There are already people expressing dismay at the banning of Bostock safety stirrups.


WOO-HOO. Lock in November 10 to 13 because after four long Equitana-less years, there's lots to get excited about.

The exhibition is back organisers are planning even bigger and better things to see and do. (So start saving your cash for the trade show.) Originating in Germany, Equitana's rich 42-year history of record crowds, elite competition, exceptional educational sessions and world-class equine entertainment continues to position the Melbourne event as an illustrious equine destination on the international calendar.


HAMISH and Maggie McDonell have decided to sell the Hamag Saddlery after 46 years in business. The new owner, as of July 1, is Kathryn Tolo of Tacklet. Kathryn comes from an equestrian background and understands “horse talk”. She will continue supplying Hamag products to the equestrian community while continuing to operate Tacklet.

“The two businesses will remain separate, and business will remain as per usual for both brands,” Maggie said. “It will be the same classy ship at Hamag, but with a new captain. Please welcome her and support her the way you have done for us over so many years.

“It has been a big decision for us as we started this business during one of the many downturns of farming, never realising what an adventure it would be. We have been so lucky to meet many wonderful people, and to see many different places, both in Australia and world-wide. To see Hamag products in many parts of this world still gives us a buzz, and to have people still using their Hamag product after many many years is very rewarding.”


THE FEI has apologised to Ann Carton, whose showjumper Kai Licha de Carmel broke a hind leg during a jumping round in the Netherlands.

Despite appealing for pain relief for the horse, it was denied by the official FEI vet who stated that no pain relief could be given until there had been a blood sample taken for doping control. It was 25 minutes before the blood was taken, and the horse euthanised. A spokesperson for the FEI said this was a procedure that is correctly applied by FEI veterinarians around the world whenever the situation arises.

“The reason we require equine anti-doping/controlled medication samples to be taken from any horse that is euthanised at an event is to ensure there was no substance in the horse’s system that might have led to or concealed an injury that might have contributed to the incident,” the spokesperson said. “In this case, there was clearly a misunderstanding around the FEI rules and procedures, and we will proactively address this with all officials as a preventative measure.”


THE plight of Australian Brumbies is close to the heart of photographer Felicity Clay so she has created a special Barmah Brumbies 2023 calendar to help raise awareness.

The A4 landscape wire-bound calendars are $28 each including postage and a donation from each sale will go towards efforts to save the horses.

Contact Felicity via her Facebook page or


THE national dressage selection panel has announced eight combinations to be nominated to the FEI for the 2022 FEI World Championships.

They are:

Lyndal Oatley with Eros and Elvive

Mary Hanna with Calanta and Syriana

Simone Pearce and Fiderdance

Warwick McLean and Hendrix 11

Jayden Brown and Willingapark Sky Diamond

Kristy Oatley and Rosenlorbeer

The panel will also select four combinations on July 11 to compete at the 2022 World Dressage Championships from the World Championship nominated entries. Four reserve combinations that will not be ranked will also be named.


NATHE Bits has recalled a number of its bits due to a risk of the product breaking and causing a risk of injury if they caused the rider to lose control. Plastic connectors contained in the bit can become brittle and break and as a result, the product does not meet the requirements of the General Product Safety Regulations 2005. The products included in the recall are the single- and double-jointed bits with built-in plastic connectors and a pink “N” sticker on the bit end.

Nathe issued the following statement: “Nathe has initiated a product recall for all single and double jointed horse bits. It cannot be ruled out that the installed plastic connectors will become brittle in individual cases. This can cause the bit to break, which is associated with a corresponding loss of influence. The recall is a precautionary measure to protect riders and horses. As a precaution, consumers who have bought one of the items listed should no longer use the bit and return it to the respective point of purchase.”

Rides should send any queries to:

“We very much regret this situation and apologize to all our valued customers for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding,” the spokesman added.

The concerned bits have the following bar codes:

4022853239129, 4022853239136, 4022853239143, 4022853239150, 4022853239167, 4022853243461, 4022853239181, 4022853239198, 4022853239204, 4022853239211, 4022853239228, 4022853239112, 4022853239235, 4022853239242, 4022853239259, 4022853239266, 4022853239273, 4022853239280, 4022853239297, 4022853239303, 4022853239310, 4022853239327, 4022853239334, 4022853239341, 4022853239426, 4022853239433, 4022853239440, 4022853239457, 4022853239464, 4022853239419, 4022853239549, 4022853239556, 4022853239563, 4022853239570, 4022853239587, 4022853239532, 4022853239600, 4022853239617, 4022853239624, 4022853239631, 4022853239648, 4022853239594 4022853239778, 4022853239785, 4022853239792, 4022853239808, 4022853239815, 4022853239822, 4022853240217, 4022853240224, 4022853240231, 4022853240248, 4022853240255, 4022853240262, 4022853240378, 4022853243348, 4022853240392, 4022853240408, 4022853240439, 4022853243324, 4022853240453, 4022853240460, 4022853243317, 4022853240422, 4022853243331, 4022853240361, 4022853243416, 4022853239174, 4022853243423, 4022853243430, 4022853243454, 4022853243409


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