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Arabians step out in force for the first time this season

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

ABOVE: The champion led purebred mare Javalia FF. Picture: NIKKI SHEGOG

ARABIANS, the first love of any horsey child.

Their ethereal appearance, the story book tales where sheiks go to war and maidens are rescued in flowing gowns on shining white stallions makes them the horse of dreams, and the first time they are seen in real life, the beautiful heads, turn of neck and action has the child hooked for life.

But they aren’t just lovely to look at. They are masters of long-distance riding and have contributed their bloodline to every breed. The base of the Thoroughbred racehorse, to the beautiful show ponies, through the working Quarter horse and the warmblood performance horses, too.

As Kate Dertell from the Future Farms stud says, "Arabians are the most intelligent, trainable, beautiful and kind horses - I love their incredible beauty and their ability to do any discipline well".

The first of the season’s Arabian shows, the Victorian Championships at Elmore, had some really lovely horses on display.

ABOVE: Yearling colt SF Valen. Picture: NIKKI SHEGOG

The program catered for all derivatives in hand and ridden, and with classes for purebred or derivative in every possible breed, plus veteran classes, it provided something for everyone.

The purebreds were in the hands of Brazilian judge Luiz Rocco, who chose his supreme purebred mare or filly as SF Jalani and his supreme purebred stallion or colt, Raj Al Sahrae.

The supreme purebred gelding was SF Jaheris.

In the young horse classes, the purebred yearling filly winner was SF Catalina and the colt Sovereign FF.

It’s good to see that the famous Crabbet line is still respected and the Crabbet champion was Kassel Pekae.

The straight Egyptian champions were TP Al-Majeed and Tabitha Al Jibrail.

Mystica Abbas was the champion ridden purebred stallion and supreme ridden exhibit.

The derivatives were judged by Debby Theiss where the supreme derivative mare or Filly was Romantic Rayne FF, the supreme derivative gelding SF Rewrite The Stars, the supreme derivative stallion or colt Sovereign Acres Lancelot and the purebred or derivative foal champion was Lovica Adora.

The winning Anglo Arabian was Aloha Bellissimo and the partbred and half Arabian champion was Illaroo Mariah.

The Sue Kavanagh memorial award for horses judged then ridden was won by Prince Charming FF shown by Zali Mills.

Arabian action moves on this weekend to the VADOBA Australian Arabian Alliance Championships at Werribee Park National Equestrian Centre.


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