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Mandurang South club gets fancy with freshmans event

ABOVE: Jessie from Toy Story (aka Zarah Mealmaker) riding for home club Mandurang South.

HOW to keep pony club kids (and their parents) happy? Have a great idea and then make it happen.

At the monthly Mandurang South Pony Club rally in July, three members – Charlotte Evans, Prudence Robinson and Zarah Mealmaker – suggested a showjumping event be held where riders could dress up and compete to music.

The committee then drafted a program that promoted fun, safety and community spirit.

After some risk management discussions at zone level, the green light to publicise their event was given.

The inaugural “Fancy Freshmans” unofficial showjumping day was held at the Mandurang South grounds on Saturday with riders travelling from far and wide to participate.

The creativity behind the costume creation by those riders who chose to dress up was outstanding and both riders and spectators enjoyed the vibe created by the music being played.

“Pony Club is all about the voice of its members and I’m extremely proud of the girls for putting the idea forward and appreciative to the committee and volunteers for their efforts in delivering the event,” event organiser Dylan Mealmaker said.

“I’m also thankful to the broader pony club community for promoting this event to their members.”

Special guest judge on the day was the Midland Zone Representative Sue Foley, who awarded prizes to riders per height category based on costume creativity.

ABOVE: Here comes Minnie Mouse (Adele Downie and Dusky).


Poles: Geniveve Hanlon riding Hinterland Magic as Thing 1 (Woodlands Pony Club) and Ashlyn Warren riding Piggy as a butterfly (Mandurang South Pony Club)

35cm: Edward Bowe riding Maple as Mario (Bendigo Pony Club). Frank Hurmez riding WP Ice Cold (Woodlands Pony Club)

50cm: Adele Downie riding Dusky as Minnie Mouse (Mandurang South Pony Club). Caroline Batters riding Eve as Cruella Devil (Mandurang South Pony Club).

65cm: Savannah Jenner riding Sabaahn as Barbie (Kyneton Pony Club). Charlee Dowler riding Blackberry as Barbie (Mandurang South Pony Club). Annika Hall riding Lily as SubHAY Eat Fresh ambassador (Mandurang South Pony Club).

80cm: Zarah Mealmaker riding Toastie as Jessie from Toy Story (Mandurang South Pony Club). Charlotte Evans riding Stella as B1 from Banana in Pyjamas (Mandurang South Pony Club). Prudence Robinson riding Archie as Winnie the Pooh (Mandurang South Pony Club).

95cm: Bethany Cole riding Azkaban as a Shark (Mandurang South Pony Club).

105cm: Jasmyn Beesley riding Bubbles (open rider).

110cm: Shayla Lister riding Narwonah Footloose (Maldon Pony Club).


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All images: DALE WEBSTER

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