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Dressage and people to talk horse with, what more could you want?

ABOVE: Louisa Inge and Road to Jamieson. Picture: SHARLENE PHILLIPS of ONE-EYED FROG PHOTOGRAPHY

THE Melba Equestrian Club was only formed in 2022 with the idea of improving equestrian sport within the Yarra Valley area of Victoria, while recognising that many people are simply looking to find likeminded individuals who share in their passion for horses.

What they don’t say is that it’s darn hard not to be happy with good facilities set in one of the most beautiful areas of Victora, even if your dressage test was a total failure.

The club is named after one of Australia’s most famous opera singers Dame Nellie Melba whose home, Coombe Cottage, is in the district.

The had their first go at running a comp last weekend and it went smoothly in magnificent spring weather.

The club president, Aengus Wright, said the group had been planning the event for a long time.

“It ran really well and we have had a huge amount of positive feedback, so we are now again planning for next year,” he said.

ABOVE: Olivia Jackson and Woodleigh Rockstar. Picture: ONE-EYED FROG

The Melba CDN1* championship was won by Louisa Inge’s Road to Jamieson with a win in the Prix St Georges and Intermediate 1 Freestyle and the Melba CDN2* went to Louise Maguire on the Welsh Section B pony Mithril Vagabond, bred by Chris Milvain.

There was a strong focus on junior and children’s tests with Aisha Heinrigh on Bertone winning two tests with scores over 70 per cent and Olivia Jackson did the same with Woodleigh Rockstar in the junior section.

There were some solid scores in the novice classes won by Sophie Bennet and Illoura and Louise Inge on Aber Formira Mi.

In the elementary classes the winners were Sophie Pomie’s Hollingrove Dillon and Kylie Pedder’s Dicavalli Dimitri.

A freestyle was offered at the lower levels, with Sophie Pomie and Hollingrove Dillion winning the elementary, Fern Wright’s Fawks Wyntersun the novice and Olivia Jackson’s Woodleigh Rockstar the junior.

ABOVE: Faye Hinchliffe and Valhala Valkyrie. Picture: ONE-EYED FROG
ABOVE: Kylie Pedder and Dicavalli Dimitri. Picture: ONE-EYED FROG

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